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Gibiate Episode 9 update, Preview, and Spoilers


Before we move further let’s take a look at the life of Kathleen’s mother Funada Yurika. Funada Yurika is being recorded by her daughter Kathleen. Yurika said that she never imagined the world would be like this before Kathleen was born. She said that she wants to talk about the good and bad moments of her daughter. The good thing is giving birth to Kathleen.

The bad thing is the day when her husband passed away and she does not want anyone to die before her. If it has to happen it should be her before Kathleen passes away. Kathleen told her mother not to say things like that and she just smiled back at her. After Kathleen and her crew finished fighting with monsters Yurika notices that one of the lizard monsters has stabbed her leg. She wanted to call Kathleen and Kanroku shouts mother.

In this post, we are going to talk about Gibiate Episode 9 update, preview, and recap. Let’s see what will happen to Kathleen and her mother Yurika below. Before that, you can start by taking a look at how this Anime releases its episode below.

Gibiate Episode 9 will be released on Wednesday, 9 September 2020, at 10:oo PM JST. The latest new episode of Gibiate is released every Wednesday. For you to get it by the time it is released you can convert the Japan time to your local time. Take a look at the recap of the last episode and preview below.



Previously on Gibiate Episode 8

Yurika falls unconscious while Kanroku destroys the lizard using his weapon. The doctor said that they must just pray if the sting of the lizard ha no poison in it. Kanroku is afraid if Yurika will become infected with Gibia and becomes a monster. Kathleen crew is worried that they failed to protect Yurika from being infected with Gibia.

The doctor orders everyone to rest and he will examine Yurika. Kathleen is worried about her mother if it is the end of her. Gibia is spreading quickly it has killed half of Japan. Now two members of Kathleen crew have been infected and the other one sacrifices himself to protect others. Suddenly Kathleen’s mom sneaks out without anyone seeing her.

Monk, Kanroki, and Ayame went to search for Yurika while Kathleen tries to take care of Sensui who has a high fever. She finds a letter under the pillow where Yurika was sleeping. Kathleen read the letter and it said that ” I’m truly sorry I couldn’t stay with you until the end of your journey.” It also said that Kathleen has lost both of her parents.

Kathleen’s mother also wrote that she must not worry because she has Sunsui, Kenroku, Yukinojo, and Ayame with her. She also promised that the doctor will find a cure for Gibia illness. Yurika promise on the latter that if she does not get infected with Gibia she will come back to Kathleen. Yukinojo came back and find Kathleen crying for her mother he consoles her. Later the monsters try to destroy the building that Kathleen is with others.

Gibiate Episode 9 Preview

That’s all we manage to get for you about the latest development of this Anime. For more updates of the upcoming episode, they will be available as soon as this Anime releases its new episode. You can also use the following link to get more about Gibiate latest news and episodes.

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