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Magatsu Wahreit Episode 4 update and Recap

Magatsu Wahreit

The commander calls Leo and told him that they have to return to the capital tomorrow. He said he wants to give Leo a separate assignment and he shows her a picture of a lady that he has to come with to the capital. Loe asks who is she and the commander replied that do you need to know that. Leo apologizes and he said that there is no need to apologizes then he told Leo that she is Innumael’s sister. Meanwhile, Innumael is with the smuggling crew and he asks where are they going.

Shake replied that they are going to the Gutheil domain. Innumael said he is a wanted man now and he would like to be in place with few people. The blond guy said they don’t mind letting him leave the crew and Shake told them to stop it. The cheese kop black nigga said that Gutheil is a summer retreat so there are many nobles. That means lots of soldiers are stationed there but also that they have backers. The nigga asks Innumael if he thinks smuggling is something mere commoners are capable of.?

Magatsu Wahreit Episode 4 update and Recap

Magatsu Wahreit Episode 4 will be released on Tuesday, 3 November 2020 at 11:00 PM JST. Note that the latest new episode of Magatsu Wahreit will be released every Tuesday. Watch out for the spoilers of the upcoming episode when you proceed you can skip them if you are not interested. Let’s take a look at the recap and official preview below.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Previously on Magatsu Wahreit Episode 3

While they are on their way they find a man killed with Kantana on his chest. The nigga get ou from the car with his sword trying to analyze the situation. Innuamael is shocked since he is not familiar with murder. In the morning Shake finished burying the dead body of that man and told Innumael to stop shaking. The nigga guy found out that there been a monster that is killing people and it has already killed a lot of people.

Their car has also broken down in the middle of the road. The nigga guy orders Shake and Ben to go looks for the parts of the car nearby. Innumael decided to follow since he is scared and they both reach the village that is nearby. The head of the village told them his granddaughter is missing and they decided to help him find her. They went to the forest and battle the monster that hunts humans. Innumael manages to save Yashime who got reunited with her grandfather.

Later the monster came back seeking revenge and it jumps on top of Innumael and the village head kick it away. After a long battle Innumael notices that the sound is the weakens of the monster. He took the gun and fires the bullet at steel objects to make the monster lose control. when it has lost control he finished it with his sword.

Magatsu Wahreit Episode 4 Preview

Thanks to the latest youtube official preview and the latest development of the summary above. New updates of this Anime upcoming episode will be available after the release of episode 4. You can watch this Anime officially on Funimation.

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