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One Piece 964 Spoilers: Time

One Piece Chapter 964 spoilers

One Piece Chapter 964 Spoilers are nearly here, and I would like you guys to know that this post consists of spoilers from the previous One Piece chapters. Before we move on to the spoilers time of One Piece 964, let us talk about what happened One Piece 963.


The previous chapter was still a flashback of Kozuki Oden; we finally got to see Young Whitebeard and his newly formed Whitebeard Pirates. We also saw Oden meeting his father, Kozuki Sukiyaki, for the last time. This is probably because Kurozumi Orochi will poison the Shogun, Sukiyaki.

One Piece 964

Kozuki Oden and Whitebeard

We saw Oden clashing with Whitebeard, and this was the first time we saw Whitebeard sweat, Let us not forget that at this time, Whitebeard is already at his prime, He is about 43 years if I’m not wrong. This flashback of Oden takes place roughly 29 years before Marineford.

One Piece Chapter 964 Spoilers update

Oden asks Whitebeard to let him join his crew, we will likely see more of Whitebeard vs. Oden in One Piece 964, We might also see a small time-skip in Oden’s flashback to where he Kozuki Oden travels with Roger instead of whitebeard, and his father Sukiyaki is already dead, and he becomes the Shogun of Wano. But also, this could happen in the upcoming 3-4 chapters instead of 964 alone.

One Piece Chapter 964 Spoilers will arrive on Thursday, 28 November 2019. Regarding the it should leak around 5:30 AM JST on November 28, 2019. We will make another post when One Piece 964 spoilers are out so stay tuned.

One Piece 964 update

The latest One Piece chapter officially releases on 2 December 2019 on MangaPlus.


The spoilers are coming out today, likely in a few hours, we willthis post as soon as the spoilers are out, so make sure to bookmark this page, we will be the first ones to share One Piece Chapter 964 Spoilers with you. We willthe spoilers as they come one by one.