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New Monster Hunter World: Ice BornIs Coming Out!

Capcom is known for its immense contribution to the gaming world and has released anfor the Monster Hunter World game. Thewill be absolutely free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Thewill be adding new weapon trees along with lots of adjustments and tweaks. It will further add the Stygian Zinogre monster and so on.

Feature of the update

The patch is 12.01, and the headlines highlight the addition of Stygian Zinogre, a wyvern with fangs found in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Players will also get to hunt down a tempered version of the Ruiner Nergigante monster. We will also be able to craft weapons out of their fragments. Some more inclusions in the 12.01will consist of new weapon trees, armor pieces and sets, additional skills, and more. We will also be able to access the Tundra Region. Tundra Region is a new area covered in frost and littered with cavern with frigid beasts and specific materials for players to collect.

Reports have said that the patch will get more Horizon Zero Dawn content later. A few events will take place, the first collaboration quest to take place on the 13th of December and the second one to take place on the 27th of December. These events will be made available around the 9th of January, 2020.

The space requirement is around 2.1 GB on PlayStation 4 and 2.8GB on Xbox One. Some action adjustments made are, removal of damage reactions of swords and shields, swords and shield’s claw uppercut can be used to soften a monster’s hide, damage caused by the sword can be adjusted, adjustment in various dual blade actions, adjustment in amount of ammo used, adjustment in the Frostcraft skill and so on.

Various system changes have been made that include; new decor can be placed in player’s room, new designs for Squad Card, new pendants added, a new feature to upgrade armor to max level, new layered armor added and so on. It further includes many changes in players and some miscellaneous items along with bug fixes.