Great Pretender Episode 23 – Everything You Need To Know

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Great Pretender

Today will be looking at the episode finale of Great Pretender, let’s find out how this anime concludes its final episode. The meeting started the next day in the middle of the night at the Suzaku Group headquarters. Laurent accompanies Liu and Chen for them to meet Akemi in her office. Ed and Ishigami lead the way to Akemi’s office. Liu presents a briefcase filled with stock certificates and Akemi shows them a check for 100 billion yen.

After some time of silence by Ed and Laurent, Laurent’s gang, pretending to be a police officer team led by Kudou. They infiltrate the office and take the check and briefcase to use them as evidence. Later when they are still standing waiting to attack Laurent stole Liu’s poisoned ring and stabs him with it. Akemi suspects everything was planned before it happened. When Kudou tries to arrest Akemi, Ed tries to protect Akemi by using the sword that was hidden to protect Akemi.

Great Pretender Episode 23 Recap

Great Pretender Episode 23 will be released on Thursday, 17 December 2020, at 12:55, AM JST. Every Thursday new episode of this Anime will be released. Make sure to proceed with cation this post contains spoilers of the next episode. You can watch this Anime on Netflix.  Take a look down below

Great Pretender
Great Pretender

Previously on Great Pretender Episode 22

Suddenly, Edamame calls in Cassano and his gang and exposes Laurent’s gang. Ed explains that his plan was to humiliate Laurent for exploiting him, and exact revenge on Ozaki for abandoning him and his mother. Ed tries to scare Ozaki with the sword, but Ozaki takes it and cuts Ed while encouraging Laurent’s gang to start firing. Being scared to get killed, Akemi, Ishigami, Liu, and Chen left the office along with their assistants.

They returned back to the office after that gunfire stops, and find no one. Akemi notices something and pulls it which moves the office to the ground floor where they find out that everything is in a building was fake on a remote island. While they leave the fake building falls down. After a few days, Suzaku’s Group meets with  Akemi, Liu, Chen, and Ishigami organizing their past abandoned life on the remote island.

Episode 23 Spoilers, The next day in the morning of the transaction, Ed remembers that time his mother tells him that she hopes to meet with Ozaki again. The details of the Far East operation are explained and Edamame drugged Akemi and Ishigami while Laurent did the same with Liu and Chen, enabling them to be unknowingly flown to the island.

Laurent’s gang created the same headquarters, meanwhile, Laurent swipes the poison needle inside Liu’s ring with an unpoisoned one. Laurent’s gang notice that their targets have left the office and they started shooting as a diversion for them to flee with the check and briefcase. Laurent notices that Ed was wearing a bag of fake blood inside his suit.  The gang got separated and later Laurent throws Dorothy’s ring inside the sea having avenged her.

After few weeks Ozaki visits his wife’s grave for the first time and Cynthia raises one of the smuggled children, Kawin, and helps him decide on his future. Meanwhile, Laurent prepares to con his next target, the newly elected President of the United States. In an Island near Taiwana know as Xiangxiang Dorothy is shown alive and her caretakers find the ring inside the stomach of a fish they caught. She took it and wear it.

Great Pretender Episode 23 Preview

With those updates so far we will see you next week when the new episode hits. That was all about the episode finale of Great Pretender.

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