Black Clover Episode 115 Preview Reveals First Look At A Real Demon

Everything is heating up in the anime adaptation of Black Clover. When it seems like nothing is going right, more and more powerful enemies are being introduced. Someone that could one-shot Raia appeared in the last episode and sneak up to Yuno undetected. In Black Clover episode 115, something more sinister and more terrifying will be introduced. Let’s take a look at the first animated look for the word demon in Black Clover.

In Black Clover episode 115, the first-ever Demon in the series will make its introduction. Although we all know that there is a demon dwelling on Asta’s grimoire, we never saw a demon before that has its own magic and is using its own grimoire. Will this new demon be able to interact with the demon currently residing on Asta’s grimoire?

Yuno lost Charmy on his way to the top of the place, and it seems like Asta and Mimosa are heading in his way. It seems like this new demon is also an enemy of the elves. It seems at the first glace that Yuno can team up with Patry to defeat the demon. And it seems like he would at first until the demon will completely control him in Black Clover episode 115. The truth about Licht, the first Wizard King, and the demon will also be revealed.

black clover episode 115

It will also confirm a lot of things regarding Asta’s peculiar grimoire. In this episode, it would be revealed that Asta’s grimoire is actually connected to the past that engulfed humans and elves into a 500-year war. With this many enemies, will Yuno and Asta be able to make it out victorious or even alive? That’s it for Black Clover episode 115. Stay tuned for more Black Clover updates, as well as other news about the best manga and anime right now.