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Lovesick Season 4 Cast, and All We Know

Lovesick is a British television series that aired on Channel 4 and now can be watched on Netflix. The first season came out on 2 October 2014 and was available for Netflix in April 2015. Viewers and critics both loved the show, and it enjoyed success. The second season was out on 17 November 2016, and the third came out on 1 January 2018.

The Cast of Lovesick Season 4

The main protagonist of the show is John Flynn, who plays Dylan Witter. Daniel Ings plays Luke Curran, Dylan’s best friend. Other casts include Antonia Thomas, Joshua McGuire, Hannah Britland, and so on. There are many recurring cast members in the show as well.

The Storyline of Lovesick Season 4

The story is about a group of close friends sharing a house in Glasgow, Scotland, and one of their friends, Dylan, is found to be having a sexually transmitted disease known as chlamydia. He becomes helpless, and he cannot even go out to tell the women with whom he slept.

The fourth season would be a continuation of the conversation in season 3’s finale. The fourth season would focus on the characters as they proceed with their own stories. The theme would be light and less melancholic than the last season.

When is theof Lovesick Season 4?

Netflix has not made any official announcements regarding the possibility of a fourth season. Observing the pattern of the release, we cannot say that a fourth season js impossible. However, we must wait before landing to a conclusion and see what news comes up in the future.

The snow is quite popular among fans and critics, so Netflix must be looking forward to renewing it. Our best guess is that we can get the new season at the beginning of 2020. However, the final confirmation is in the hands of Netflix.