‘One Piece’ Chapter 935: Queen The Plague Bounty And Luffy Freed?

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One Piece Chapter 935 spoilers are finally out, and it looks like Oda is dropping a really good chapter this week. It is focused more on the prison, just like we expected it to be. The title of the chapter is Queen, and it basically tells you that it is going to be focused on the second strongest calamity of the Beasts Pirates. One of the biggest things that we predicted in the speculation posts was Queen’s bounty getting revealed, and it is way beyond our expectations.

I predicted Queen’s bounty to be close to 1.15 billion Berris, but as it turns out, Queen’s bounty is a solid 1.32 billion Berris. Of course, that’s got nothing to do with strength as Queen is still weaker than Luffy and an equal to Smoothie. Moving on, Queen orders the guards of Mine Prison to track down Kid and stop the riot that Luffy is causing.

One Piece Chapter 935 update
Queen The Plague from One Piece

Of course, that’s very hard to do though. Meanwhile, Raizo manages to steal the keys to Luffy’s cuffs and is on his way to deliver those to Luffy. However, on the way, Raizo runs into Kawamatsu who asks if Momonosuke is alive.

This is very shocking because we’ve finally found out the identity of the Prisoner, and no it is not the lurking legend. Anyway, Sanji has, meanwhile, run off to a bathhouse, and Zoro has lost his swords. Things are getting very interesting, and Luffy is about to let loose in the Mine Prison finally. Are you excited for this chapter, because it seems like a 10/10 to me.

One Piece Chapter 935 drops on 11 March 2019. The scans will likely be out on March 08, 2019.

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