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Bel-Air Movie: Fake Trailer Drop That Took The Internet By Storm

Bel-Air is out with a fake trailer, and it looks quite amazing! Before I go any further, I want you to check it out.

The fake trailer lets us imagine things we hadn’t thought of before. Basically, the motive of the trailer is to reimagine “The Fresh Prince” as a Ryan Coogler. The fake-trailer so far has won a million views on YouTube.

The story of Bel-Air goes as follows:
It deals with the story of a boy namely Will who’s from West Philadelphia. He relocated to his aunt and uncle’s house in Bel-Air after an unfortunate incident getting into an ugly fight on the basketball courts. As the story goes, Will has his share of struggles. He tries to fit in badly, at first but later evolves into a star basketball player. He earns a place for himself to make it to a different world altogether.

The movie reeks of a Ryan Coogler film. We don’t hear any laugh tracks or any idea about sitcom shenanigans. The fan-made the trailer is a fantastic one, Cooper has given us a glimpse of guns, police brutality, and privilege.

The movie Bel-Air will sure turn to be a promising and an incredible one, Will at the very beginning is shown at California in a rather cool sweatshirt that goes, “What Would Meek Mill Do?” It was the director Morgan Cooper who himself dropped this project on Instagram recently. Now that this trailer has gone viral, Sun Squared Media needs to notice it and give the boost to this project. According to Morgan he always felt there was more to this story and more needed to be done. Hence he made the trailer. Let’s hope we get an original trailer soon.