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List Of Anime Postponed Due To COVID-19, Latest Results

Anime Postponed Amid COVID-19
Anime Postponed Amid COVID-19

Lately, the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide is affecting most anime including those that have been going for a while. So it is just a matter of time before more will be affected as the spread of the infection shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As a result, most anime production companies are postponing their upcoming anime seasons and for those that are ongoing, new episodes are postponed as they try to come up with a way that will ensure maximum safety of their production teams.

With me here I have got the latest list of all anime that has made an official announcement that they will be going in a break due to COVID-19 ranked from the most recently affected shows. One Piece has just made the list today as it made an official announcement of the new plans in response to COVID-19, take a look:

One Piece

One Piece is amongst the Animes that were recently affected by COVID-19. The anime is currently at its 929th episode and on 20 April it was announced that will be postponed from 26 April from Episode 930. A rerun from episode 892 will then take over and the anime will be on a break until further notice.

Digimon Adventure

The latest announcements for animes were made on April 20. This also included Digimon adventure as it was officially announced on its website that the Series will be postponed after only 3 episodes releases. This will take effect from April 26 and a new update is yet to be announced:

Healin’ Good Precure

On the same day, Healin’ Good Precure followed as the anime is also produced by the same studio with One Piece and Digimon adventures. So Healin’ Good Precure will be postponed after 12 episodes. A new update will be announced in due course:

Pokemon 2019

On 20 April it was announced that Pokemon 2019 will be postponed as well after 22 episodes. The anime is likely to resume after 2 weeks according to their twitter announcement. But the date might change as they said a rebroadcast is along the horizon:

Bongou To Alchemist: Shinpan no Haguruma

On April 18, it was officially announced that Bongou To Alchemist will be postponed due to COVID-19 impact as well. This took effect from April 18, and Episode 2 and 3 will rebroadcast on April 24 and May 1 respectively. Episode 4 is set for May 8 and the schedule for the rest of the anime schedule will be announced in due time.

A Certain Scientific Railgun: Toaru Kagaku no Raligun T

On April 17 it was announced that Toaru Kagaku no Raligun T Season 3 will be postponed as well after 12 episodes where broadcasted. The update of Episode 13 is yet to be announced:

Food Wars Season 5 (Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara)

The next anime to be affected was Food Wars Season 5 as on April 18 it was announced that the anime will be postponed until further notice. The season will broadcast only 3 episodes and will be postponed indefinitely.


After the broadcast of its Episode 3, Appare Ranman was announced to be going on a break from April 17. A new broadcast schedule is said to be under works and will be announced in due time:

Fugou Keiji: Balance Unlimited

With only 3 Episodes broadcasted do far, Balance unlimited anime is also affected by COVID-19. As of April 17, the broadcast fo Balance Unlimited episodes will be postponed and a rebroadcast will start From April 23

IDOLIISH7: Second Beat

As of April 13, IDOLISH7 Season 2 went on a hiatus due to the Impact COVID-19 had on the anime production. This was put into effect from April 19 and a new update is yet to be announced:

My Teen Romantic Comedy (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan)

On April 7, with only a few days left for the anime to make its Season 3 debut. The anime was put on a hiatus until further notice due to the impact of COVID-19.

Note that more Anime are likely to get affected due to this so we will be updating this article regularly. Most of the Spring 2020 anime has been affected, and with only a few shows left ongoing then fans are left wondering which of them will be hit next. This even went to impact the manga as well as even My Hero Academia and Black Clover were recently affected.