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Rugal Episode 9: Preview, update & Streaming Details

Rugal Episode 8 update
Rugal Episode 8

OCN’s K-drama Rugal is going to release its 9th episode this week, and we are excited to see what unfolds with Hwang Deuk Gu, and where he’s headed.

The drama about cybernetic soldiers fighting an evil organization starring Choi Jin Hyuk made its debut on March 28, 2020.

The show stars actors Choi Jin Hyuk (The Heirs, Justice), Park Sung Woong (Bridal Mask, Remember), and Do Dong Hyuk (The Last Empress, Love Affairs in the Afternoon) in the lead roles. Park Sun Ho (Produce X 101, Best Chicken) is also a part of the cast. Kang Chul Woo (My Secret Romance) is serving as the director of the show, and the writing is provided by Do Hyun, based on Rel .mae’s webtoon.

In this article, we will take a look at the preview for the upcoming Rugal episode, as well as the streaming details for it.

Rugal Episode 9 Preview

In Rugal, things are getting messy in the ongoing crisis. Kang Ki Beom, who decided to destroy Hwang Deuk Gu from the inside of Argos, became a bait himself. Unexpectedly, however, Argos’ truck, which was carried by Kang Ki-bum, stopped in the middle of the city center, and several similar trucks arrived at the same location. Numerous experiments from trucks attacked people, exploded themselves, and disrupted the city center. Hwang Deuk Gu, who caused a terrible human bombing, watched as if he enjoyed all the situations, and the Lugal team quickly saved people. The afterimage of the terrible terrorism was not easily forgotten, and Kang Ki Beom pledged to wipe out the research center of Hwang Deuk Gu, the main culprit. However, as Kang Ki Beom, during the end of the broadcast, became a murderer, an unpredictable development was announced again. There were corpses everywhere in the city, and there was a phrase that referred to Kang Ki Beom as ‘the killer of death’.

In the meantime, the unusual atmosphere surrounding Hwang Deuk Gu and Argos in the stills stimulate curiosity. Hwang Deuk Gu, who inflicted terrorism and put innocent citizens at risk, showed his relentless nature. Argos’ full-fledged war is expected, and the appearance of the middle boss, Bong Man Cheol (played by Ji Dae Han), is in custody. Bong Man Cheol has a sad face, but Hwang Deuk Gu’s eyes looking at him are calmly and coldly. In the following photo, Hwang Deok Gu is seen with a gun pulled out. Inside Argos, he is tense as to what shocking event Hwang Deuk Gu is going to be expanding on. In another photo, the image of the late director Choi Min Cheol, who was called by the National Police Agency, was shown. After Hwang Deuk Gu’s warning, the presence of Kang Ki Beom was exposed to citizens, and Rugal faced a crisis. Even some police officers are helping Argos, wondering if the latest director could find a solution.

You can check out the photos below:

Rugal stills. Source: OCN

Rugal Episode 9 Streaming Details

Rugal episode 9 will air on Saturday, April 25, 2020, on the local TV channel OCN in Korea at 22:50 KST (Korea Standard Time). Rugal releases episodes weekly on Saturdays and Sundays and will conclude by airing its final and 16th episodes on May 17, 2020.

Internationally, Rugal is being streamed exclusively by Netflix, and episode 9 can be watched with English subtitles soon after it is aired in Korea.