Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Delay Explained

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Dragon Ball Super 2019 update

So, we’re in October 2019, and we still don’t have any word on Dragon Ball Super’s return. Earlier this year, we were told that Dragon Ball Super is going to return in July 2019. This report was denied by Toei Animation.

While they didn’t say why, the reason behind this was likely the fact that One Piece: Stampede was in the works around the same time, and thus, a lot of the staff that worked on Dragon Ball Super was shifted to One Piece: Stampede.

Dragon Ball Super 2019 Anime update

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 update

The manga is nowhere close to ending right now, and we’re sure that the anime isn’t ending either. The anime’s hiatus has been extended for some reason, but the fact that the manga is continuing means that there will be an anime continuation as well.

As to when that will be, we would like to guess that Dragon Ball Super is coming back in Early 2021. It could also return by this Fall 2020, primarily because we would’ve probably heard something about it by now has that been the case. But, since it is not, we’re not if Winter 2020 is its update.

That takes us back to the most anticipatedfor Dragon Ball Super Season 2, and that’s Spring 2020. We think Dragon Ball Super’s anime return will be announced at this year’s Jump Festa which is just a few months away now.

Are you excited about Dragon Ball Super’s potential return next year? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Update One:

There are tons of rumors that are spreading, and nobody knows what is right and what is not. However, we do know one thing, that there is nothing announced from Toei animations, and therefore, we can discard all the leaks coming out for now.

However, we do know that another movie is supposed to come out after Dragon Ball Super Broly, and it looks like the company is focusing on the movie first, and after its release, we might see the next season! So, prepare for the movie first, and then the season might follow. Here is the latest tweet from the official Dragon Ball Super twitter!

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