Lunatics Season 2: When Does It Come Out On Netflix?

Netflix released Season 1 of for its new Chris Lilley mocumentary called “Lunatics” on April 19, 2019. The mocumentary consisted of 10 whole episodes, all released in one go. Chris Lilley and Laura Waters have co-produced as well as executive produced Lunatics. It is an Australian Netflix show, for those of who didn’t know that’s written by Chris Lilley, better known for her work as a mocumentary producer.

This documentary traces the lives as well as the narrative of six different characters, all of which are played by Lilley herself. Each of the characters that she plays is either male or female, and each of them as their eccentric pattern of behavior and lifestyle. The names of three characters being, fashion retailer Keith Dick, estate agent Quentin Cook, 7-foot college student Becky Douglas, 12-year old Gavin McGregor, ex-pornstar Joyce Jeffries, lastly South African Jana Melhoopen-Jones.

Lunatics Season 2: Chris Lilley

Lilley herself has admitted that Lunatics is a progression from her previous work Summer Heights High, though the characters and themes she’s dealing with have expanded since then. Lunatics, Season 1 was filmed on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

As far as Season 2 of Lunatics is concerned, we do not have any official announcement yet. But we must consider the popularity of Chris Lilley and the faith that Netflix will have in her while deciding on Season 2. I for a fact wouldn’t be surprised if we get a Season 2 renewal announcement soon enough. Right now, my best guess is that ‘Lunatics’ Season 2 will release sometime in April 2020.

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