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Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Pass, Maps, Pricing, And New Characters

So when Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends season 2 without any prior notice, it took the world by a storm. Apex Legends became the most talked game across the world. Last month, the server of Apex Legends hit a record 50 million players. This is a remarkable figure since it is the first month of the game itself. We can’t wait to be informed on what season 2 of Apex Legends behold for us. Recently, a blog on EA Sports Blog confirmed that Apex Legends will now have Fortnite like Battle pass system. We’ll take you to step by step to inform you on the Battle Pass for Apex Legends the game.

Battle Passes for Apex Legends 1 were underwhelmed, whereas those for two will be overwhelmed, we hear. If you must have read Respawn’s official Q&A session on the blog, it mentions that each season will end in exactly three months. Therefore if we calculate, apple’s legends season one will be sent on July 19, 1 p.m. But that doesn’t turn out to be right as the exact date is 18th July, and it is displayed inside the game. There is also a countdown screen timer that we found in the first season.

The theme for Apex Legends Season 1 was “Wild Frontier,” and it is here that a legend called octane was introduced. For Season 2, the theme is ‘Battle Charge,’ wherein a new character named Wattson who uses electrified items to stop the enemies and slow them down will be introduced. The theme of each season is the character based.

There are new characters called legends that added to the game simultaneously, as you may know with the season’s battle pass. Many leaks tell us that there will be a new female character which will be called Wattson. She will be able to slow down the enemy using her electrical powers.

Fortnite battle passes will see many changes in the map. There’s a change in the map during the start of the season. For Season 2, respawn teased both small, and big dragons will arrive.

Finally, as for pricing, every player looks forward to that. Season 1 was priced at 950 Apex coins or roughly $9.5. But, the player’s code of for the royale battle pass for just 2800 Apex coins. This means that automatically the first 25 levels of the season will be unlocked. We do not expect that the prices of Battle pass will change this time around. Keep reading to know more!