To All Guys Who Loved Me Episode 9 &10 Streaming Details

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To All Guys Who Loved Me

This week we start it with the release of To All Guys Who Loved Me Episode 9 & 10. Hyun Joo gets recognized by her colleagues as a successful webtoon producer. Hyun gets a pink slip from the company because of the secret plot planned by some webtoon artists. The CEO of Sunwoo Pharmaceuticals, Hwang Ji Woo. He meets wit Hyun Joo in an elevator, he then suffered from an accident and collapsed.

Hyun Joo’s mom found out that Hyu Joo is fired from her job, Hyun Joo’s mom forces Hyun Joo to go on blind dates. While she is on her blind date, Do Gyum interferes and ruined the date. Hyun’s mom gets angry that the blind date was ruined and threaten that she must pay back fifty thousand dollars if another blind date gets ruined. Do Gyum left his company, and Hyun Joo got recruited to another company.

Do Gyum is doubting everything that is happening. Ji Woo and Hyun Joo met for the first time in the elevator, within a few days Hyun Joo is now in Ji Woo’s company. They end up appearing on the blind date. Hyun Joo hears rumors that Ji Woo might be gay and becomes worried when Do Gyum and Ji Woo decide to become roommates.

To All Guys Who Loved Me
To All Guys Who Loved Me

Hyun Joo’s friends said that Do Gyum might also have feelings for Ji Woo, which makes her even more confused without knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Do Gyum’s started to doubt Ji Woo more than before. Do Gyum started to worry that Ji Woo may trie to move in Do Gyum end up saying he is dating Hyun Joo.

Hyun Joo became shocked without understanding that Do Gyum chose her of all people to pretend to date. Meanwhile, Hyun Joo and Do Gyum go to Mount Hambaek to do research for Do Gyum’s new webtoon. The rain started to fall and Ji Woo follows Do Gyum and Hyun Joo.

To All Guys Who Loved Me Episode 9 & 10 Streaming Details

The new episodes of To All Guys Who Loved Me episodes 9 & 10 will be released on Monday, 20 July 2020 at 21:30 Korean Standard Time. The episodes will be exclusively available on the local Tv channel KBS2 first before it can be available for streaming across various streaming channels. To support the show creators you should watch fro the official sites by using the official streaming details below.

Viewers will be able to watch To All Guys Who Loved Me episodes 9 & 10 on the Rakuten Viki and Dramacool streaming website. New episodes are available with English subtitles and will be uploaded after they finish their local broadcast in Korea.

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