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Danger Force Episode 12: New Updates –

Danger Force Episode 12 update
Danger Force Episode 12 update

The American comedy series Danger Force just aired its 11th episode, and fans are looking forward to seeing what the upcoming episode has in store for them. Created by Christopher J. Nowak, the show made its official debut back in March, and it has been pretty successful so far.

We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the show, so here is everything you need to know about Danger Force Episode 12.

Danger Force First Part Finale Recap

Danger Force

Danger Force

Before we dive into the details, we will provide a little recap of the first part to make you remember what happened so far. The seventh episode of the Danger Force was titled, ‘Chapa’s Crush,’ and right from the beginning, things don’t seem to be in the favor of Danger Force and Captain Man, and they are having a very hard time against the bag-wearing criminal. Volt also couldn’t help in the situation despite having her arms free, and we see Captain Man reprimanding for the failed task at Man’s nest. On the other hand, we see Brainstorm, Shout-Out, and AWOL discussing Volt’s strange behavior, and the scene shifts to Schwoz who reveals that Chapa has a crush on somebody.

It came clear that Chapa was attracted to Creston Chestwell, and things get very complicated when Miles, Bose, and Mika enters the scene. Soon, Chapa and Mika fight for Creston’s attention, and on the other hand, Captain Man founds the identity of the bag-wearing criminal. After that, we see that Danger Force succeeds in taking down Take Out, while Trent came with the news that Creston moved to Neighborville. The episode ended with Henry Hart paying a surprise visit to Man’s Nest, and he inquired about Schwoz.

From episode eight onwards, the show revealed its plan of releasing five short episodes, and the most recent episode titled ‘Leaked Video Pt. 2’ was released yesterday (29th August 2020).

Danger Force Episode 12 update:

So far, Danger Force Season 1 has released 7 episodes and 4 short episodes which are:

  • Danger Force Season 1 Episode 1: The Danger Force Awakens
  • Danger Force Season 1 Episode 2: Say My Name
  • Danger Force Season 1 Episode 3: Captain Mayonnaise / Ray Goes Cray
  • Danger Force Season 1 Episode 4: Villains’ Night
  • Danger Force Season 1 Episode 5: Mime Games
  • Danger Force Season 1 Episode 6: Quaran-kini
  • Danger Force Season 1 Episode 7: Chapa’s Crush
  • Shorts Episode 1: Secrets Revealed!
  • Shorts Episode 2: Danger Force Troll Smackdown
  • Shorts Episode 3: Leaked Video Pt. 1
  • Shorts Episode 4: Leaked Video Pt. 2

Danger Force Episode 12 titled ‘Prank War’ will be released on 5th September 2020.