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Ahiru no Sora Episode 47 update, Preview, and Spoilers

Ahiru no Sora

The match that will determine the future of Kuzu High is still going on let’s see if Sora will mage to fulfill his promise. Yasuhara is lost in the match Sora is shouting at him, Yasu grabs a nice pass from Sora and passes it to Natsume. Natsume blew pass Shiraishi and manages to score. Before he scores #15 tried to push him, Kuzu high has been given 1 free throw. The score is now 73:39 with Yokohama leading. Chiaki shouts at Sora for letting himself get distracted.

He said that it is Sora’s fault that they managed to score again. Sora is wondering why Natsume is playing while smiling and other benched players said that it helps Natsume to focus on his game. Natsume pass #15 for the second time. #15 and #10 Yokohama players notice that Natsume is going to score and they pushed him to make a foul.

Today we will be looking at Ahiru no Sora Episode 47 update, preview, and a recap of the last episode. The match will end soon with Yokohama still leading let’s see if Kuzu’s high players will change the game. Before we continue with a clash between two giants lets take a look at the following details below.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 47 will be released on Wednesday, 9 September 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. The latest episode of this Anime is released every Wednesday. Make sure to proceed with caution you may come across the spoilers of Ahiru no Sora episode 47. Let’s take a look at what Ahiru no Sora has for us below.

Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora

Previously on Ahiru no Sora Episode 46

The referee has given Kuzu high 2 free throws for the foul on Natsume. Sora noticed that Natsume skills are improving quickly. Sora can’t tell who is more amazing between Yokohama players and Natsume. Natsume mages to score 1 free throw and the other one makes a rebound. The score is 73:40 Kuzu needs 33 points to tie the game. Sora wants to find a way to catch up with Yokohama meanwhile Kuzu high teachers encourages their players not give up.

Sora finds a way and nails it inside the basket. The gap is now reduced to 30 points and Mr. Osho explains to other teachers about a basketball. He said that basketball is a game all about accumulation with no move or strategy that turns the tables. He also said that miracles do not simply occur in basketball. Only 13 minutes left for the game to be finished.

One of the teachers is wondering if they will make it. During the water break, Nanao said that they must attack them at paint since Yokohama’s defense has started to be very cautious with Natsume. Kuzu came back and show a great performance and Momoharu said that it doesn’t matter if they win or not. They want to restore something important in their life. They manage to dominate Yokohama and reduce the gap again to 19 points the match still continues.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 47 Preview

You can visit the official website to get more updates about the Anime, you may use the following link Today that’s what the preview and latest development have to offer. You will get more news and updates of this Anime next week Wednesday.

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