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The Charge Rifle In Apex Legend Will Be Getting A Nerf Soon

Charger Gun
Crypto From Apex Legends

The latest update of Apex legends is already live, and many of you have already played and enjoying it to the fullest. This update brought many new things, one of which is the new Charge Rifle, which is an energy sniper that is damn good. When you hold the trigger, it fires a hitscan laser, and a second or so later, it fires a single powerful shot that can deal up to 90 damage in total. Most of the fan base is already saying that this weapon is overpowered, and the devs appear to agree they said the game’s future update Trello board shows that a “Charge Rifle weapon balance” is in the works.

Respawn Says That Changes Are Going To Happen In The Upcoming Update

Some of the players are happy with the rifle, and it is fun to play with it, but some aren’t happy. One of the top streamers on Twitch Shroud said that it “feels broken,” and if you are in the open, you are right as dead. If you want to counter it, then you will have to have a lot of covers. Respawn hasn’t given an exact time for when they will balance the weapon, but be sure to keep your eye on the upcoming patches of the game.

Aside from the new broken gun, the update of Apex Legend was pretty solid, which brought many new things. Like the late Legend called Crypto, who has the ability to deploys specialized surveillance drones. The new map was also revealed, which is called World’s Edge, which looks pretty dope. There is a train that replaces them as the drop point, which is a nice change.

Apex Legends

Charge Rifle (Credits: Respawn)

There are also many nerf to two Legends, which are Wraith and Pathfinder. Now Wraith’s Dimensional Rift ability will no longer work if she’s dead. On the other hand, Pathfinder’s Grapple and Zipline ability are also getting minor nerfs. Hopefully, the new gun will get balanced very soon so that the community doesn’t get upset about it.

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