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Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 124 The S-Rank – update & Details

Solo Leveling Season 2

Shortsword Guild’s vice-chair Sugimoto and the S-Rank hunters from the main Force shows up in Japan.  Japan has called the Guild masters of all large Guilds and it has been revealed that Sugimoto is no longer the vice-chair but he is the Guild Master. Sugimoto crew has already lost Goto Ryuji and other Seven S-Rank Hunters during their last Jeju ISLa-ND Raid. Other hunters who are in the same building with the S-Rank hunters think that Sword Guild is over now.

They think that if they work hard they can become Japan’s greatest Guild in the future. Sugimoto’s crew looked back at the hunter who was gossiping about them. Sugimoto’s crew thinks that since Mr. Goto is not around those hunters think that they are powerful. They also discovered that there is a chance that Blackhole Guild is going to merge with the Snow Mountain Ins Guild. Han Song-I said that their Guild’s hunters numbers are the same as theirs and merging with Ing won’t make them Japan’s top Guild.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 124 a recap

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 124 will be released on Thursday, 22 October 2020. Keep in mind that every Thursday new chapter of this Manga will be released. The spoilers for the next chapter are not yet available you can take a look at the following recap and ways to read this Manga below.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Previously on Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 123

Sugimoto’s crew said that those hunters are weak and they lack power. Meanwhile, the high-ups are complaining about an S-Rank Gate that appeared in the middle of Tokyo. They talked about the S-Rank hunters that don’t have the strength to defeat an S-Rank Dungeon. They think that it is better to call the National Rank Hunters to solve the problem. Chong Lee is told not to talk about since they have gathered all the Guildmaster of Large Guild.

He is also told that he knows what happened to the Jeju Island Raid he would be able to know the results. They suggest that they can call Thomas Andre to help them and one of them said the funds are not enough to hire Thomas. They end up discovering that Hunter Yuri Orlov the barrier expert can help. They only need to give him money to help clear and S-Rank Gate. Meanwhile, Hunter Sung Jin-Woo is happy that he is level 101, and his job-specific skills leveled up.

He wants to see what level 102 will bring for him suddenly Jin-Woo met with Lee Ju-Hee. He asks her why she runs away when she saw him. She told her to give him some time and ask him why he employed Soo-Hyun instead of her. She also said that an S-Rank is better than an A-Rank and is he dating Soo-Hyun.

Lee told him that Hunter Min Byung-Gu has given her a message about his powers. Jin Woo told her that they can talk in private and they both went to the office. Lee notices that it is only her and Jin-Woo and she told him about the message. The message said that the voice in the dark is telling Jin-Woo to be careful with his powers. Jin Woo thinks that he will have to find the source of his powers.

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