I’m Standing On A Million Lives Season 2: update Announced and Details Revealed

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The second season of ‘I’m Standing on a Million Lives’ has officially been confirmed and the news has been accompanied by a preview teaser as well as an announcement artwork. The second season has received the renewal quite early, knowing very well that the first season has completed airing just a few days ago. Although the first season wasn’t well-received by the spectators as well as the critics, the show makers have decided to give it one more chance and probably we are going to be satisfied with the upcoming season of the series.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 update

Inspired by the Japanese manga series penned down by Naoki Yamakawa with Akinari Nao as the illustrator, the anime ‘I’m Standing on a Million Lives’ has been dated for a July 2021 release. The first season of the series debuted on October 2, 2020, on Tokyo MX, BS11, Wowow, and MBS, and concluded on December 18, 2020. All the episodes of the first season of I’m Standing on a Million Lives are available to stream on Crunchyroll, along with English subtitles.

The first season of the anime has been directed by Kumiko Habara, well-known for directing shows like ‘PriPri Chii-chan!!,’ and ‘Battle Spirits Burning Soul’ episode at Maho Film; while the scripts have been penned down by Takao Yoshioka, the same scriptwriter responsible for writing ‘High School DxD,’ ‘Konohana Kitan’ and ‘Your Lie in April.’ Toshihide Masudate and Eri Kojima are responsible for designing the characters of the series, with Yūko Ōba serving as the sub-character designer.

Here is the official teaser released by the show makers a few days ago. Have a look at it for a better view.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 Cast and Storyline

The protagonist of the series is Yuusuke Yotsuya, whose character has been voiced over by Yūto Uemura in Japanese, and by Zeno Robinson in English. The series has other notable characters including Iu Shindo, voiced by Risa Kubota in Japanese, and by Jeannie Tirado in English; Kusue Hakozaki, voiced over by Azumi Waki in Japanese, and by Valeria Rodriguez in English; Yuka Tokitate, voiced over by Makoto Koichi; Kahabell, voiced over by Chiwa Saitō; Majiha Purple, voiced over by Kanako Takatsuki and Majiha Pink, voiced over by Ai Furihata. The voice cast for the upcoming season will probably remain the same, and if everything goes well, we can expect the return of the major characters at the very least.

Second Season of I’m Standing On A Million Lives
I’m Standing On A Million Lives Season 2: Promotional Poster

The fantasy isekai anime series ‘I’m Standing on a Million Lives’ revolves around the life of a lonely but analytical middle school third-year boy, named Yusuke Yotsuya, who gets transported to a game-based parallel universe. He is chosen as the third player, who will take on a dangerous quest along with his classmates, Kusue Hakozaki, and Iu Shindo. Yusuke performs all the tasks like a cold and emotionless person, with detachment, even going to an extent of putting the lives of his teammates in danger.

It would be exciting to know how he is going to deal with the attacking monsters, obstructing incidents, and sturdy crafty enemies, in order to win the game and protect his companions simultaneously. If you haven’t yet watched the first season of ‘I’m Standing on a Million Lives,’ we will suggest you to do that if you are interested in the upcoming season, since the storyline of season 2 will probably pick up from the end of season one itself. The plot of the second season is yet to be revealed, but you will be notified about it soon.

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