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‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Will Get a Follow-Up Story

Mary Poppins Returns

Fans of Mary Poppins had to wait 54 years to witness the masterpiece with a whole new direction in the form of Mary Poppins Returns, and it was a great experience for fans to enjoy which was also reflected from the performance report of the movie. Mary Poppins was released in 2018, and according to sources, it seems that we won’t have to wait another 50 years for a next follow up movie.

The story of Mary Poppins Returns follows the magical Nanny who returns after a long time and decides to help Michael’s children and Banks siblings to ease out their problems from their on-going struggling life.

Mary Poppins Returns Cast:

The cast of Marry Poppins Returns include:

  • Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack
  • Ben Whishaw as Michael Banks
  • Emily Mortimer as Jane Banks
  • Pixie Davies as Anabel
  • Joel Dawson as Georgie

Mary Poppins was a massive hit, and according to reports, it gathered a whopping amount of 260+ dollars in the box-office, and it proves that fans still love our all-time favorite Nanny and luckily we will be getting a follow-up movie very soon. The director, Rob Marshall, also confirm this.

Rob Marshall, the director, sat in an interview with The Sun where he revealed that the team is already working on the “early stages,’ of the next installment. He also said that they have worked from the great books of P.L. Travers and still there is plenty of material for them to explore and execute. He also said that the availability of great characters and a great story would keep the franchise alive for a very long time.

Also, John DeLuca, the producer said that Emily always gets light up whenever the topic is discussed which means if the public demand still stays, a next-project in the franchise is always possible.

We expect to hear more on the development in the coming days, so stay tuned to us for further updates.

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