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‘My Holo Love’ Netflix: update Trailer, Cast, and Details

My Holo Love is an upcoming South Korean drama by Netflix that stars Yoon Hyun-min (“Witch at Court”, “Tale of Fairy”) and Ko Sung-hee (“Diary of a Night Watchman”, “Suits”) in the lead roles.

The show deals with the subject of artificial intelligence and has Yoon Hyun-min playing two characters. K-pop boy band 2PM’s Chan Sung is also part of the cast.

The drama is directed by Lee Sang-Yeop, and written by Ryu Yong-jae.

My Holo Love

Poster of “My Holo Love”.

My Holo Love Cast

Yoon Hyun-min will play both the characters of Holo and Go Nan-do. Holo is a hologram artificial intelligence secretary that is only visible to the user of the “hologlass”. Meanwhile Nan-do is the creator of Holo who lives alone like a NEET. He moves next to So-yeon, who is played by Ko Sung-hee.

So-yeon works for a glasses company and keeps her distance from people because she suffers from prosopagnosia.

My Holo Love

My Holo Love Plot

The show’s story revolves around our titular characters as they deal with loneliness and the subject of artificial intelligence. Owner of an IT research company, Go Nan-do lives in the shadows as he was a hacker and was pursued 10 years ago in a major case. It is believed he is dead but in reality he is in hiding. The only people who know that he is alive are his stepsister and the CEO of his company.

Han So-yeon, who is an assistant manager at a glasses company, lives a lonely life. She does her best at her job and takes care of her clients and peers. She suffers from a rare disorder called prosopagnosia or face blindness, which impairs her ability to recognize and remember faces. She is the first person to meet Holo, a hologram AI developed by Nan-do. She opens up to the AI about her life and eventually meets his creator.

When is My Holo Love update?

My Holo Love is going to release on Netflix worldwide on Friday, February 7, 2020. You can watch the official trailer with English subtitles below: