Homicide for the Holidays Season 5: Plot, Cast, and update Details

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Homicide for the Holidays Season 5
Homicide for the Holidays Season 5

Premiered on Comcast-owned Oxygen network, Homicide for the Holidays is a fairly generic true-crime investigative series that portrays specially curated cases specially chosen for the Christmas holiday season. The series is designed to hammer home the superimposition of festivity with a sense of awry. The series has been able to display an impending doom that a true-crime series characteristically exhibits acclaiming huge applauds from fans and critics.

The engaging and thrilling series has successfully completed three seasons securing its place in a network with original programming, which has the prime aim at a modern young adult female demographic in the central US.

What is Homicide for the Holidays Season 5 Plot?

The series depicts the gruesome account of homicide cases, all of which take place on the holiday season. The show has been to manage a decent documentary of its subject matters. However, the portrayal of events sometimes harps suspenseful nature. Excess of suspense sometimes troubles the tag of the thriller series of the show. One disturbed viewer termed the series as “casual TV show.”

Various past seasons portray different disturbing cases of crime and homicide.  One such season documents the murder of a young mother with the missing case of two girls also concerning the issues of their mother and the death of over a half a dozen people. But mind you! All of such horrendous events occur during the season of holidays.

Yet another season of the series unwraps a series of chilling stories when a loved one is brutally killed by the unforeseen suspect. However, the investigation of the case was more thrilling than the event itself, stunning everyone involved.

So, get ready for more gripping stories and stunning investigation lightning your season of holidays!

Who is Homicide for the Holidays Season 5 Cast?

The series does not feature any substantially recurring actors or actresses. The main lead cast of the series includes James Zeiss, who is a screenwriter and actor on the big screen.  He appears in various minor roles in various episodes of Season 2 or Season 3 and is expected to release in Season 5.

Other members of the cast crew include Mitch Damron and Vanessa Molinelli. Season 5 is to comprise various other actors and actresses, but their names will be disclosed later. Stay tuned for more updates.

When is Homicide for the Holidays Season 5 update?

Season 5 of Homicide for the Holidays is expected to be released in December 2020 though there is no official word yet. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

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