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13 Reasons Why Season 3 Rumors: Hannah Baker Might Make A Comeback!

13 Reasons Why Season 3 update

13 Reasons Why is one of the most popular ongoing shows on Netflix right now. Those of you who are reading this post are probably looking for information on the upcoming season of the show. While the first season of the show was incredible, the second one wasn’t as good for me, but it was still a joy to watch.

I’m hoping for a big step up when it comes to season 3, and since all we’ve heard about Season 3 are good things, the chance of it happening is higher. So let’s discuss all that we know about 13 Reasons Why Season 3 in this post below.

Before we begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to get spoiled, I suggest that you stop reading the post here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started.

13 Reasons Why was renewed by Netflix back in June 2018, and the showrunners have already spoken on how the potential the show carries and why letting it run is the right thing to do. Things are looking good so far.

As far as update goes, we know that Season 2 of the show came out about a year after the confirmed came. Same could be happening here. But, it is possible that we’ll see Season 3 coming out in May 2019, because that’s the same month Season 2 came out in as well. There’s also a potential for a June 2019 update, but overall, this is what we’re looking at.

We already know that most of the main cast will be back for the third season of the show. There are even reports coming in that Hannah Baker will be back in Season 3. We don’t know how that’ll play out, but it certainly is a possibility.

If you’re waiting for a trailer, it’ll probably drop a month before the update of the show, which makes sense since Season 2 followed the same pattern.