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Dragon Ball Super Season 2:Confirmed And More Details

After the most successful movie of Dragon Ball Franchise. Toei Animation has some fantastic news regarding the upcoming series. Dragon Ball Super is set to come back, and its officially. Dragon Ball Super: Broly was the most successful film for the franchise, and every fan thought that the animation company would never make a series again, But BOY THEY WERE WRONG. Dragon Ball Super is back and you can, for now, state it as Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

This is official news and from confirmed sources. This article is written before the twitter announcement because we are fast. Dragon Ball Super will return in July 2019. Toei Animation will premier New Episode of Dragon Ball Super in July of this very year, and IT’S OFFICIAL

Now its been a whole year since Dragon Ball Super went off the air after episode 131 of series. But finally, Toei will air the series with the same title as ‘Dragon Ball Super’ in July on Fuji TV. Referring and Sourcing to ongoing Dragon Ball Super Manga Dragon Ball Super Anime will return with the most excited Arc which will include the new villain Moro. Dragon Ball Super will have the same schedule and will air every Sunday at 9 a.m. JST.

Dragon Ball Super Villain Momo

Alongside Akira Toriyama heading the plot, even Fuji TV Producer Osamu Nozaki is excited. Osamu mentioned in a statement about his deep-hearted excitement as he read the plot of the upcoming storyline. Mr.Nozaki also stated that fans should expect a villain who is even stronger than Buu and Golden Frieza.

Fans from Japan are excited as Dragon Ball Super release is all set, although fans outside Japan have no such confirmation. As for tie-up with Funimation, English dubbed Dragon Ball Super is still in Tournament Of Power arc. It’s still not confirmed how can one watch Dragon Ball Super Season 2 outside Japan apart from streaming anime site.