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10 qoutes from Moon Knight: mirror man
Moon Knight

Marvel Studios has released the first episode of much-awaited Television miniseries called Moon Knight on 30, March 2022. It stars Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight, May Calamawy as Layla, and Ethan Hawke as Dr. Arthur. It will be a 6 episode long TV mini-series that will conclude on 4 May 2022. The trailers and teasers have already introduced everyone to the already existing creation of the era of the comic yet not much familiar superhero Moon Knight aka Mark Spector. According to the story, Moon Knight is also known as the “ Fist of Khonsu“. Henceforth he will be acting vengeance for the spirit of the Egyptian moon god Khonsu who revived him when he was left for dying by his assassinators in the deserts of Egypt. And in exchange, Marc had to surrender his body to him.

The trailers and teasers have given you a glimpse inside the series and the life of its characters already. But what’s more catchy about the story are the quotes used on different occasions whether it is from the recent series or from the 1970s when Moon Knight first appeared. Hence, in this article, we are listing some of the top 10 quotes from Moon Knight. Do read the last one. So let’s begin.

“I have a sleeping disorder. I can’t tell the difference between my waking life and dreams” – Steven

At the very beginning of the first trailer released by marvel entertainment, we see how hard Steven is trying to differentiate between whether he’s in his waking life or still sleeping. He experiences encounters with some random ghost-like creature that haunts him repeatedly. He even meets people who recognize him but he can’t recall who they are and where did he meet them. Because of this people around him think of him as some sort of maniac.

But Steven is actually Marc Spector, a mercenary turned superhero who created many subsidiary characters to aid Moon Knight. Steven was one of them. But the confusion of existence between these characters created chaos in his mind that made Marc think as Steven suffering from a sleeping disorder. The above quote is the one said by Steven to a doctor he sees.

“Why did you call me Marc? – Steven

In one of the scenes from the trailer, Steven finds out a random phone continuously ringing which was kept in a locker. He takes it out and picks up the phone. As soon as he picks it up and says hello! a lady speaks from the other side and says “Oh my god, you’re alive. What’s wrong with you, Marc? To which Steven replies why is she calling him Marc when he is Steven. All this adds up to the already going chaos in his life.

moon knight qoutes : layla missed calls
Missed calls on Steven’s mobile by Layla

“You really don’t remember, the adventures, or our life together” – Layla

Layla El- Faouly played by May Calamawy is possibly the love interest of Marc Spector in the series. Although her existence in the comics version is still debated. She’s unknown to Steven Grant though. And this is why when she calls Steven by Marc’s name on phone he possibly couldn’t understand who is she inferring. Later when she meets Steven in person she consistently tries to remind him of his past life and their own relationship then. It’s likely that she was with Marc when he was working as Moon Knight for Khonsu and when she couldn’t hear any news from him for nearly two-three days she calls him.

Layla and moonknight: moon knight qoutes
Layla and Marc Spectre

“Marc! You look different” – Layla

In the fighting scene with  Dr. Arthur and the villains, Layla asks Steven to “Summon the Suit“. And finally, when he enters while fighting the villains around and jumps in dressed up as Moon knight in front of Layla for the first time she exclaims in surprise saying that he looks different. He is dressed in a grey suit with a moon insignia on his chest and has a crescent dagger in his hand.

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“Hello, the man in the mirror”

This quote is a sarcastic greeting to a man in the mirror who is none other than the shadow of Steven himself. He enters a room full of mirrors and from one of those Marc Spector calls out Steven’s name to which he replies with this funny statement. The “mirror man” further asks him if he’s scared a bit to which he says” Yeah, a bit”. Ans there goes a long conversation between the two where Steven is made to realize that he is actually Marc Spector the Moon Knight. Steven even doubts if he’s a spy or something!

moon knight qoutes
Steven talking to Marc who is his shadow in the mirrors.

“We protect the vulnerable to deliver the justice” – moon Knight

This quote comes when Steven has gained his Moon Knight identity back and is all dressed up in his suit. He remembers his role too as “the fist of Khonsu“.  He says that his main aim is to protect vulnerable people from the bad around them. It’s his duty that these vulnerable people are served justice through him.

top 10 quotes of moon knight
Moon Knight in his suit

“This is the best worst day of my life” – Steven

According to Steven, he is a patient with Dissociative Identity Disorder, a man who cannot differentiate between dream and waking life. He even hallucinates all the time. But likely from the past 2-3 days, he was talking to himself through mirrors but it wasn’t him actually. He saw the spirit of Khonsu around him thinking that its a ghost.

He eventually meets Layla who made him Moon Knight once again. But during these days he suddenly got surrounded by killers and villains who he had to kill. In other words, he has become a killer now from a normal person. So many incidents taking place one after the other was way too much for a person who thought was undergoing a sleeping disorder. Therefore it’s obvious to feel bad for such drastic changes going on but it feels good to know that now he has some special powers and he is a superhero.

“A mask to hide the scars”

Well, only hearing this from the trailer it couldn’t be inferred what did it refer to. But generally speaking, this is what heroes usually do, right? They always hide their real identities to protect themselves not just from the villains but also from the evil mentalities surrounding them.

Heroes are often idealized as those perfect human beings who are not just good at fighting evils but also at their looks. But how can one fight and not have a scar?  No one is perfect. These scars can be both visible and invisible. Therefore not just heroes but everyone carries a “mask to hide their scars”.

top moonknight qoutes
Mark Spector aka Moon Knight

“I’ve died before. It was boring, hence I stood up” – Moon Knight

This one is from the comics but it is worth mentioning here. It is said by Mr. Knight when he is narrating the story of his origin to someone. When Marc Sector was working as a mercenary, he went to Egypt with two scientists where they got attacked by Bushman. Marc was brutally beaten to death and was left in the dry and hot desert to die.

But he crawls somehow to a nearby temple where he meets the spirit of lunar god Khonsu. Khonsu asks Marc to surrender his body to him and work as his mercenary for him against the evils he wants to end. And in return, he will give Marc his life back. Marc agrees and this time he is more powerful than ever with the powers derived from god itself. And this is how Marc on the verge of losing his life comes back with power.

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“There’s chaos in you. Embrace the chaos” -Dr. Arthur Harrow

And finally, last but not least. One of the most favorite quotes from all the above. This quote was said to Steven Grant when he meets Dr. Arthur Harrow regarding his sleeping disorder problem. Here the doctor is talking to Steven about the mental chaos, confusion, and hallucinations going on in his mind.  He says that the solutions to the chaos in the mind can only be fought once you accept that you have it. In his words, “They are not something to be feared but are something to be welcomed”

This implies almost every situation. Isn’t it? You can find a solution to a problem only when you accept that you are facing a problem. However, Dr. Harrow is also the villain in the series.

So these were some of the 10 amazing quotes from the Moon Knight. While some quotes are a bit sarcastic in nature some of them also carry very deep messages within them. And this makes each one of them unique and worth mentioning. So the first episode is already telecasted on the official online platform of disney+. You can watch it and enjoy some even more interesting quotes too.

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