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Launch X431 PRO4 2-Year Package And All We Know So Far

The Launch X431 Pro 4 from is an advanced automotive vehicle- diagnostic tool that operates on the Android OS and cloud diagnostic technology. It supports the American, Asian and European passenger car and light commercial vehicles. The launch has touted it to be a market-leading tool for any garage. There’s a host of special features and vital functions for Launch X431 that would come handy for any modern mechanic or a car driver. X431 Pro is a complete kit that comes with a selection of adapters, essential leads and an outer briefcase. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty and 2 years of free software updates.

It released a while ago and is available in all European countries for now. Launch X431 Pro has unique specs. They are listed below:
It has a 10.1″ touch screen, HD Display, powered by 2GB RAM. The external memory is 6GB Micro SD. The camera quality is 5.0 megapixel for the rear camera. It is powered by a 7000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The dimensions of Launch X431 are 600mm x 170mm x 415mm

The key Features on Launch X431 Pro are:
1. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
2. Save, share and print report sheets
3. OBD II functionality
4. Live data graphing
5. One click internet updates
6. Manufacturer specific reset and service functions
7. Smart design with docking station

The Special Functions of Launch X431 Pro are:
1. Automatic VIN recognition
2. New battery registration
And brake monitoring
3. Type pressure monitoring
4. Module programming and recording
5. Service light/oil reset
6. Tyre pressure monitoring reset