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Alone Season 6:And All We Know So Far

Alone that airs on History is an American reality TV series. The premise of the show is based around contestants who document themselves as they try to survive the wild all alone for the longest period of time possible. The prize money at the end is huge; the winner wins a grand prize of $500,000.

Season 6 of Alone has been commissioned. The show is all set to return with 10 episodes, each of these episodes will be 60 minutes long. As of now, History recently on its Facebook page revealed when Season 6 would be back on our screens. What we know is that it would be back this year. Alone Season 6 is expected to premiere on Thursday, June 6, 2019. Season 4 and 5, both returned to History around mid-June and wrapped up in August of that same year.

Just like the previous seasons, ten new survivalists will be left to fend off for themselves in the wilderness. For Season 6, Alone is based in the deep in the Canadian Arctic (Vancouver Island, BC), Northern Mongolia in Asia and Patagonia, Argentina. The Canadian location obviously means freezing temperatures. The bunch of 10 have to build their shelters, gather and hunt for food, and keep safe from the wilderness, including animals.

The trailer for Season 6 of The Alone is likely to premiere in somewhere in May of 2019. So far 55 episodes of Alone has come out, with each episode estimated around 55 minutes. The executive producers of The Alone are Russ McCarroll, Zachary Behr, Gretchen Palek, Nathaniel Lukas, Shawn Witt, Zachary Green, Ryan Pender, and David George. Leftfield Pictures have produced alone.