Tool New Album: Release Date And All We Know

Tool New Album Release Date

For thirteen years, the fans have been waiting for this moment, and it has finally arrived. Tool has announced the release date of their fifth studio album. Ever since the band released 10,000 Days 13 years ago, the fans wanted to know when they will be getting a collection of mind-blowing songs. Many hits indicated the Tool is finally gearing up to release their new record.

Last year, we got a partial snippet of a new track called ‘Descending’ which excited the fans with the promise of new material. After that, things have been quiet regarding the new album, but the rumors continue to grow. The drummer Danny Carey said the band’s new album would arrive in “mid-April” before Maynard James Keenan said that release date would be “somewhere between Mid May and Mid July. More focused updates to follow as we progress.”

Tool New Album
Tool during a live concert

Earlier this week, Tool returned by performing new music as promised on live stage which also includes a version of ‘Descending’ with vocals for the first time, and a new track called ‘Invincible.’ Tool used this to give the fans the news they have been waiting for. While performing at Alabama’s Legacy Arena on Tuesday night, Tool treated their fans with many classics as well as new tracks.

According to fans on Tool subreddit, Tool gave their audience a hit which point the date August 30th that was displayed on the screens behind the stage, which means this as the release date of their new record. But all this is a prediction; we have to wait for a formal announcement.