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Life After Death Episode 25 update and Streaming Details

Life After Death

Life After Death has finally reached its episode Finale as we witness Keung Yuk Sing who nearly met with a motorbike accident. The guy with the motorbike wanted to crush him on purpose. Keung Yuk Sing use his car and started to chase him, the guy use the narrow road for Keung Yuk Sing not to be able to catch him. The motorbike slipped leaving him falling and  Keung Yuk Sing catches him with his team.

The motorbike guy is Mok Yu-him he is placed under arrest for involvement in various cases of intimidation and assault. The police ask him to come with them to assist them with their investigation since he is not yet proven guilty. Keung Yuk Sing is left surprised and shocked without knowing why Mok Yu-him tried to crush him.

Keung Yuk Sing went to the hospital and met with Laura he asked her how is Chu Hang-yea. She replied that the doctors are still treating Chu Hang, suddenly the doctor came and told them that the girl is okay. But the doctor asks if she was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot before she was one. Laura said yes and also said that it is a congenital heart defect. Lara told the doctor that other doctors did bypass surgery on her and she was fine.

Life After Death

Life After DeathThe doctor said that her heartbeat is normal and she must stay for observation for a couple of days. Laura and Keung decide to help each other for Chu Hang’s heath to improve and get better. They both went home together and on their way, they share potato chips lovingly.

Life After Death Episode 25 update and Streaming Details

Life After Death episode finale will be available on Friday, 10 July 2020, at 20:30 Hong Kong Standard Time. Life After Death is available from Monday to Friday with a new episode. Since this is the episode finale the drama will return again for another season You will be able to watch the latest episode on Hong Kong Tv channel TVB Jade.

You can watch the repeats of all episodes including episode finale online. You can stream all the episodes of Life After Death on Dramacool and Hktv drama streaming websites. All the latest episodes are available and the broadcast episode is available on its released day. The broadcast episode takes time to be uploaded and for those who need it with English subtitles.

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