Ryan Reynolds Confirms That Deadpool 3 Will Surely Happen

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Deadpool 3

The American superhero film feature Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool has been a fan-favorite ever since its first film came out back in 2016 and so far, there are two installments in the series. Deadpool 2 released in May of last year and as expected, fans were extremely impressed for the second movie. The film was directed by David Leitch and it performed extremely well in the box-office. Deadpool 2 earned a total of $785 million worldwide, and it became the night highest-earning film of 2018. Following the success of the original movie, a PG-13 rated version of the film was also released in the fall of 2018.

After the ending fans started their discussion of Deadpool 3. A few were not sure of the project, however, Ryan Reynolds cleared all the clouds of confusion when he revealed that Deadpool 3 would indeed happen. The recent revelation will surely increase the excitement of the fans, and according to it, Deadpool 3 is a sure shot project, and it will happen very soon. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the film, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Deadpool 3.

Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool In The Sequel

Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

After Walt Disney buying Fox, it has been a real confusion regarding the future of Ryan Reynolds starring Deadpool. Despite Bob Iger and Kevin Feige’s agreement of entertaining R-rated movie, fans weren’t sure of how they will do that. Recently, it was Rob Liefeld who broke the news on Twitter that Deadpool 3 will indeed happen.

He added that after buying Fox, Deadpool is their highest priority project as it “is the most valuable asset in today’s market,” and it earns more than any of the X-men films. Ryan admitted that he doesn’t know much about the third installment and according to Bob Iger, there is a lot of room for R-rated movies including Deadpool. He further added that it is highly unlikely that Disney would cancel it after buying Fox.

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