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Happy Valley Season 3 Story And Cast Details: When Is New Season Coming?

Happy Valley Season 3
Sarah Lancashire In Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a big hit in the year 2014. It was a hit because of its heartbreak, thrills, laughs as well as a breathtaking performance by Sarah Lancashire who plays as the haunted Northern police sergeant, Catherine Cawood. The second season of the show was even more amazing, and it can be argued that it is better than the first one. It has been quite for some time since then, and fans are waiting for the arrival of the third season of this TV show.

Happy Valley season 3

Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley

A piece of good news was revealed to us on 16 March 2016 the day after season two’s finale went out on BBC One – Happy Valley’s writer Sally Wainwright confirmed that she was open to more. This was great news for the thousands of fans that have been waiting for it. After a month, Wainwright said that she has even more stories to tell. She said, “I hope it’s left in a place [after series two] where people will feel satisfied but equally, there is more to say.”

Happy Valley Season 3 Cast Details

First of all, Sarah Lancashire is back and taking the role of Catherine Cawood once again. She once ruled out the third season during the filming of the second season; she said “It’s the end of the story for Happy Valley. I wouldn’t want it to go to a third series, and I really wouldn’t – then it becomes something else.” But her opinion changed as a spokesperson for Happy Valley told Digital Spy that Lancashire has discussed the third series with Wainwright and was up for reprising her lead role.

Lancashire said in September that “I thought we would already had the end, but Sally feels there is a very final ending needed for the show and for Catherine.” She further added that “There’s going to be a very big full-stop to the piece.” Moreover, Siobhan Finneran that plays the role of Catherine’s recovering alcoholic sister Claire also told her interest in returning as early as March of 2016. She said “If Sally wants to write another series, I think everybody would be up for doing it,”

As for the story details, it was told by Wainwright that third series would further explore the relationship between Tommy and Ryan, the product of the rape, and whether the that is doomed to repeat the sins of the father. As for the update, it hasn’t been revealed, but it was said by Wainwright that we’d be waiting a little while for more Happy Valley.

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