Will Skate 4 Actually Happen? What We Know So Far

A lot of people were hoping that there would be some sort of announcement regarding Skate 4. You would have seen a lot of blog posts on the internet and people being very optimistic about the game. Since last year, there have a lot of rumors suggesting that the game will come out in 2019. It was expected that EA might make an announcement during E3 2019. But, it didn’t turn out to be the case.

There is a good reason behind it. If we take a look at Skate 3, it was released back in May 2010. The game was pretty good, and it received pretty good reviews. However, the game did not do well in terms of copies sold, and that was a concern for EA. They needed more copies to be sold so that, they could at least think about the game’s sequel.

Skate 4
Skate 4 by EA Sports

Is there a confirmation or update for Skate 4?

Back in 2010, Tony Riccitiello, EA CEO, said that music and skate games have limited sustainability when they are compared to FIFA, NHL, and the Grand Prix racing games. It’s a pretty well-known fact that without enough sales, a game won’t survive for long.

The chances of Skate 4 happening are very small indeed. So, all that hope that we have been harboring might actually be useless. From all the comments it doesn’t seem that EA is gonna invest their time into the game. Unless there is another wave in which the public highly demands a skating game. But, then again, the chances are pretty low.

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