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Read Sub Zero Chapter 86 Spoilers, and Recap

Sub Zero

We are back again inside the Azure Kindom where Kryo reigns with his lovely princess Clove. Fei who is holding the secrets of the enemies of Kryo’s kingdom has fallen sick again inside the royal prison. Clove tries to talk with her and the doctor told Clove that Fei is even refusing to eat the food they have prepared for her. Clove tries to convince her to eat. Fei told her that it won’t work if she keeps on taking care of her.

She asks Clove if it is true that Jade Viper is the one who attacked the Azure soldiers with their Caravans. Clove is shocked to hear the name Jade Viper and she replied that if it is that what the enemies called themself it is true. Clove told Fei not to worry about anything she is protected by powerful Cerulean guards. Clove promised her that no harm will come to her. One of the Cerulean replied that Clove doesn’t know what the Jade Vipers are capable of.

This upcoming Monday we will be focusing on Sub Zero Chapter 86 recap. The Jade Vipers have been around since the time of Ancient Dragons, through the centuries they keep on disappearing and reappearing many times. Let’s find more about the Jade Vipers below after looking at the Manga schedule.

Sub Zero Chapter 86 will be released on Monday, 7 September 2020. The new chapter of Sub Zero is released every Monday. Unfortunately, the spoilers of chapter 86 are not yet released we will keep you updated the moment they are released. Take a look at more updates below.

Sub Zero

Sub Zero

Previously on Sub Zero Chapter 85

The Jade Vipers are the ones close to their enemies and they know secrets about them which means they can attack any time surprisingly. Clove asks Fei if she knows why they attacked the caravans. Fei replied that she does not know and back in her village she use to work as a maid and she met one of them. She never has seen his face as he was covered in a mask. He told her that it is time for Fei to repay all the kindness they have shown to her.

Fei was chosen to fulfill an important mission she was the one only capable of doing it. Fei has no choice she has to complete the mission for her village people not to starve. Fei ends up shedding tears and said she does not want to live like the way she is leaving now. Before she completed the mission she was caught by the Cerulean guards.

Clove console her and went away before that there was a guard listening to her conservation with Fei. On her way, Clove met with Aron who told her that he has news about the assassin. Clove went straight to prepare herself so that she can meet with Kryo. She told Aron to excuse her after preparing herself self she went to where Kryo is.

She was told that no one is allowed to enter the room that Kryo is in. Clove tries to push the guards saying that she is the future queen of the nation she must be allowed to enter. Kryo came and told the guards to let her in and he orders everyone not to disturb them. Clove takes her top veil off and Kryo’s face went red. To be continued.

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