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Horimiya Chapter 106: Raw, And Details

Horimiya Chapter 106

Horimiya chapter 105 finally sees a story development where Hori was trying to recruit club members for her Art club. And her secret life doesn’t seem to be as hidden as it used to be. As now she is closer than Mayimura and some of her classmates are already questioning how close they are to each other. This was just a typical story development and the way things are going one could see that very soon Mayimura will be in action, most likely helping her out or interacting more with the Arts club and its members leading to a more open story.

As it is the manga releases like twice a month, this means its only one chapter in about two weeks. With Horimiya chapter 105 released on the internet on the 2nd of November. Chapter 106 raw is currently available, however, due to lag times in translation, the release for English translated Manga might vary per website depending on how long it might take them to translate and officially publish it.

Horimiya follows the secret life of Kyoko Hori as she tries and to make it as a student and as her younger brother’s caretaker. She tries to keep her home life a secret from her classmates. However, when a stranger helps her brother with hidden ear piercings and tattoos, Horimiya recognizes the stranger as one of her classmates, Miyamura. They both agree to keep their out of school lives a secret, ending up with them developing a much closer relationship with each other.

Horimiya began it’s serialization as Hori-san to Mayimura-kun in February 2007, self-published by Square Enix. From 2011, it continued as Horimiya producing a total of 22 volumes to date. An omake was also under production from 2012 under the name Hori-san to Mayimura-kun Omake, which currently holds ten volumes.

An OVA was adapted under the name Hori-san to Miyamura-kun -Shin Gakki, producing a total of 4 OVAs. Horimiya is currently released on a bi-weekly basis under Monthly G Fantasy magazine published by the Yen Press.