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Index of You Season 2: With Episode Schedule, Cast, and Streaming

Index of You Season 2

You is back with another season, and finally, fans will be able to see what happens next on the show. We have seen that the fans were deliberately waiting for You season 2, and it is almost here, as it is supposed to release tomorrow. However, people would be still waiting to know more details about the show, such as episode schedule, update, and more. Therefore, we are here with index of You season 2 with episode titles, updates, cast, and streaming details. So, stay tuned to know everything!

What is the show about?

Here is the official synopsis of the show: You is based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel of the same name, You is a 21st century love story about an obsessive, yet brilliant twenty-something who uses the hyper connectivity of today’s technology to make the woman of his dreams fall in love with him. In addition to Berlanti and Gamble, Sarah Schechter, Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo serve as executive producers.

Cast of You season 2:

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg
Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn
James Scully as Forty Quinn
Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves
Ambyr Childers as Candace
Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves
Adwin Brown as Calvin
Robin Lord Taylor as Will
Marielle Scott as Lucy
Chris D’Elia as Henderson
Charlie Barnett as Gabe
Melanie Field as Sunrise
Magda Apanowicz as Sandy
Danny Vasquez as Fincher
John Stamos as Dr. Nicky

Index of You season 2 with episode titles and update

You Season 2 Episode 1 – Dec 26, 2019 – A Fresh Start
You Season 2 Episode 2 – Dec 26, 2019 – Just the Tip
You Season 2 Episode 3 – Dec 26, 2019 – What Are Friends For?
You Season 2 Episode 4 – Dec 26, 2019 – The Good, The Bad, & The Hendy
You Season 2 Episode 5 – Dec 26, 2019 – Have a Good Weekend Joe!
You Season 2 Episode 6 – Dec 26, 2019 – Farewell, My Bunny
You Season 2 Episode 7 – Dec 26, 2019 – Ex-istential Crisis
You Season 2 Episode 8 – Dec 26, 2019 – Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills
You Season 2 Episode 9 – Dec 26, 2019 – P.I. Joe
You Season 2 Episode 10 – Dec 26, 2019 – Love, Actually

Where to stream You season 2?

The show is exclusively available on Netflix, and will be released on 26 December 2019 at midnight as all the other shows. Therefore, make sure you have your Netflix subscription working till the date to enjoy the show.