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One Piece 968 Spoilers: Time

One Piece Chapter 968 spoilers
One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers

In this post, we are going to be talking about One Piece 968 Spoilers time. We also have potential spoilers, which we will be talking out later on in this post. Let us get to it; One Piece 968 will be getting delayed, as next week we will be getting One Piece Chapter 967, as this is the officialfor the 967. The chapter we all read last week was leaked online.

One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers

Before we get to time for spoilers of One Piece 968, let us talk about what might happen in the upcoming chapter. The previous chapter ended with Gol D. Roger reaching Laugh Tale and discovering the treasure known as ‘One Piece.’ The upcoming chapter will likely conclude the story of Oden and Roger both. We will see Roger meeting his wife, Portgas D. Rogue, and then after disbanding his crew, he will be surrendering to the Navi as he has already achieved One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 968 update

Kaidou might be featured in One Piece, Chapter 968.

We will see Kozuki Oden returning to Wano, where he will reclaim his throne for a short time, we will see Kaidou and Kurozumi Orochi plotting against Oden to take over Wano for their own. We might also see a little younger version of Monkey D. Dragon talking to his father Monkey D. Garp about World Government and their atrocities and will set on his journey.

The flashback will likely continue for two to three more chapters, and then we will return to the present. Now, coming back to theof One Piece 968 spoilers.

When is One Piece Chapter 968 update?

We have entered 2020, and a week last week was a holiday for the Shonen Jump, we got 967 just a few days ago. This week, we will be getting One Piece 968. As the previous chapter was already leaked, there will be no break next week, One Piece Chapter 968 will officially release on 20th January 2020 on Monday.

When is One Piece 968 Spoilers update?

One Piece Chapter 968 Spoilers will be releasing 3-4 days earlier. Therefore, we will be getting One Piece 968 Spoilers on Thursday, 16th January 2020. We will be getting the spoilers at roughly 4:00 PM JST. The raw scans and English version will be leaked only by Friday to Saturday.

As usual, we highly recommend you to read the manga on official platforms, that includes Viz Media and MangaPlus’s official website. They release new chapters officially on Monday for Shonen Jump mangas.


The upcoming chapter’s spoilers will be releasing this week, and official scans will be coming on Monday, next week.