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Cyberchase Season 13 Cast, Plot and All You Need To Know

Cyberchase Season 13
Cyberchase Season 13

Animated but educational children show Cyberchase is premiered on PBS Kids. The show follows three kids from earth who enter a digital universe called Cyberspace, which was under significant threat by the villain named Hacker. The kids, along with “Cybrids,” save the world from the hacker by solving mental puzzles and fundamental math problems.

The show is created by Sandra Sheppard and is directed by Larry Jacobs and Jason  Groh. The show was first premiered on 21st January 2002. The series has completed twelve successful seasons, educating and entertaining the kids alike.


What is Cyberchase Season 13 Plot?

Cyberspace is described to be a digital universe that is run by a benevolent ruler called “Motherboard.”  The Motherboard is served by Dr. Marbles, who also created Hacker to serve the ruler. But Hacker decided to rebel and goes against the ruler and his commands.

Finding no other alternative, Dr. Marbles punished Hacker by draining Hacker’s power and sending him to exile in Northern Frontier. The crisis of the plot develops when Hacker finds a way to re-charge himself, and he creates a virus to weaken Motherboard.

When the kids from Earth- Matt, Jackie, and Inez accidentally interact with the Library Map, the virus gets induced in the Motherboard and remarkably weakens her.

The kids are then brought into Cyberspace where are they are mentored by the Motherboard. Cybrids who serve the Motherboard help kids to fight against the hacker and the evil assistants Buzz and Delete.

Who is in Cyberchase Season 13 Cast?

Various voice-artists are included in the cast crew to add life to the animation. Jacqueline Pillon is voicing the eleven-year-old Matt, Novie Edwards voices eleven-year Jackie, and Annick Obonsawin voices nine-year-old Inez.

Other voice artists of the series include Gilbert Gottfried (Digit LeBoid), Kristina Nicoll (Motherboard), and Christopher Lloyd (Hacker).

When is Cyberchase Season 13 update?

The thirteenth season of Cyberchase is expected to be released on January 2021 though there is no official word yet. Nonetheless, we will keep you posted.