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Married At First Sight Reunion 2019 Episode: Air Date And Details

Married At First Sight Reunion 2019 Episode Air Date
Married At First Sight Reunion 2019 Episode

Married At First Sight’s eighth season has a lot of drama and the series isn’t finished with giving us more surprises. In the final weeks of the show, we saw a lot of explosive drama, and there was also a promo, and it actually teased a reunion episode.

The bride and grooms returned to have a friendly catch up dinner, and then they all sat down with the experts, Trisha Stratford, John Aiken, and Mel Schilling in order to talk about the different parts of the experiment.

It seems that the love square between Bronson, Ines, Sam, and Elizabeth will be one of the major talking points of the reunion. It looks like Dan will also learn that his new girlfriend Jessika had told Nic that she had actually developed some feeling towards him. Jessika’s conversation with Nic was caught on camera, and it was played back in front of the group.

Dan appeared to be shocked, and Jessika couldn’t believe what she had seen. Cyclone Cyrell is also back, and in the promo, we saw her being held back by some grooms.

Theof the reunion episode is April 9, 2019. As we head towards a new month, we will at least have the assurance that April 2019 won’t be lacking in drama by any means. There is going to be plenty of heated drama so, the fans will have a lot of brilliant stuff to look forward to in the reunion episode.