American Horror Story Season 9: Everything You Need To Know

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American Horror Story Season 9

In this post, we are going to talk about American Horror Story season 9 cast, and updates. As we know, the previous season, which was titled ‘Apocalypse,’ gained huge popularity. Although American Horror Story is already a famous series, the previous season made it to the top. It was a crossover, and it connected the third season, but it was really interesting.

After the eighth season completed, the fans were wondering whether there will be a ninth season or not. So, we are here to provide all the available information about the upcoming episode ahead. So, will there be a ninth season or not? Well, there will be a ninth season, as it was confirmed already and we even saw some updates at Television Critics Association awards.

At TCA’s, we were informed by FX CEO John Landgraf that Ryan Murphy had shared his plans for the ninth season. However, none of them revealed anything about the ninth season and kept the secret intact. So, when will the ninth season release? Unfortunately, there is no confirmedavailable for the ninth season.

Nevertheless, we can use past data to determine afor the next season. As we know, the last three seasons have released in September, and the first five were released in October. Hence, it would not be a wrong prediction if we expect the ninth season in September of 2019.

Moving on to the cast, we got the first cast member as Emma Roberts, which was announced by Murphy. Emma has appeared in four seasons of AHS, including the previous season. Emma plays the role of Coven witch Madison Montgomery. Also, Gus Kenworthy is the newest addition to the cast, and he is supposed to play the role of Madison Montgomery’s boyfriend. Not to forget, we might see Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters as they are the only two cast members who have appeared in all the previous seasons.

Updated on 2 May 2019:

There are more updates on cast members, as Evan Peters has confirmed that he would not be returning for the ninth season. He used the word that this particular season, which means, he might be there for future seasons, and he will be skipping this season only.

Apart from that, the ninth season will be called American Horror Story: 1984. Well, the name itself is informing that we would be taken to 1984, and horror story will be depicted in that era. Creator Ryan Murphy also released a teaser of the ninth season which suggested the same, and it also confirmed a fall 2019for AHS: 1984. Take a look at the Instagram post!

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