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The Enemy Within Season 2: update And Cast

The Enemy Within Season 2
The Enemy Within Season 2 update

People are waiting patiently to know what fate awaits The Enemy Within. The show by NBC is yet to be canceled or renewed so; the fans want to know what is going to happen with shows. It is not easy to make a prudent call as of now because the first season is still ongoing. The show has been a fairly successful show but, it still makes making a guess even more difficult. The show started with 5.7 million viewers and 1.17 in the demo. The recent numbers don’t favor the show that relies on weekly viewers.

NBC will look up the numbers very carefully before they make a decision. The main factors will be live viewers and people watching the new episode within days of airing. There is one thing that makes us believe that the show might be renewed. The Enemy Within is seventh out of all 19 shows on the network. Furthermore, the show is also the third-best performing new show out of the five. However, they need to carry the performance until the end of the season.

Back in 2015, Erica Shepherd is the CIA Deputy Director of Operations. But, Mikhail Vassily, a Russian master terrorist threatened Erica’s daughter Hannah. She was forced to reveal the names of four agents: Steven Haibach, Brian Lanich, Desiree Villareal, and Laine Heffron. The agents ended up being killed, and FBI agent Will Keaton arrests Erica. Erica is sentenced to 15 life sentences. There is no possibility of parole. After three years, Tal struck again. Keaton is ordered to bring out Erica out of ADX Florence to join the hunt for Tal.


Jennifer Carpenter as Erica J. Shepherd
Morris Chestnut as Will Keaton
Raza Jaffrey as Daniel Zain
Kelli Garner as Kate Ryan
Cassandra Freeman as Jaquelyn Pettigrew
Noah Mills as Jason Bragg