Arrowverse Batwoman: Teaser Trailer, New Series Ordered By The CW

Yes, you heard it right, The CW has officially ordered a Batwoman Series. This is harmony with the emerging trend at the CW since the last few years, they have increased the number of superhero series. What’s more surprising is that Batwoman will grace the screens of The CW?

The news officially comes from The CW 2019 upfronts, where the network ordered a Batwoman formally to series. Batwoman becomes the fourth spin-off series from the Arrow. The Arrowverse included series such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow.

Now a part of Arrowverse, The Supergirl debuted on CBS. The CW released a somewhat mysterious 20-second teaser trailer for Batwoman which featured actress Ruby Rose in the title role and also the first look at the show’s logo. If you may remember, Batwoman made an official debut in Arrow-verse crossover event titled “Elseworlds,” in this season.

The reason why The CW has picked up Batwoman to series is that it wants to make TV history with the first gay live-action- lead-superhero- character — male or female. Last year, in The CW’s development, Batwoman project was pitched by Berlanti Productions and writer Caroline Dries.

And once it was confirmed that Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose was cast as Batwoman, the show has all the hype on the world.

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