Tokyo Revengers Manga Outsold One Piece and Attack on Titan

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Tokyo Revengers manga gave us action and the science and fiction genre that we never knew we needed but desperately did. Eplot twist in this book is enough to make us gulp in excitement about what will happen next in the series. These books have been penned down and illustrated by author Ken Wakui.

We have had regular updates of this manga in the form of a serial since back in 2017 when Kodansha published it in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. Also, an anime has been developed based on the manga series was released in April of 2021.

This manga has become so successful amongst the other popular and dominant manga shows that people loved it for the unique story and the new concepts it serves us. Also, a live-action film based on this manga’s tale will be released soon in Japan this year in July. Well, we are here first to discuss the sales of this manga series, which has been skyrocketing among the people living not only in Japan but also in different parts of the world.

Last year, in February, we saw that this manga sold over 3 million copies. But what will amaze you is the number of Tokyo Revengers sold this year. According to the latest count done in May of 2021, there are more than 17 million copies sold of Tokyo Revengers, which is undoubtedly a significant milestone in the journey of this manga series.

This also implies that Tokyo Revengers has gone on to upstage some of the other very, very popular mangas dominant in the media. It has outsold big titles such as Attack on Titans and One Piece. This is a significant accolade given how much the latter stories are loved by the fans, and selling more copies than these is something out of the ordinary.

The thing is, Tokyo Revengers sits peacefully behind other manga titles, such as Jujutsu Kaisen, along with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Given the pace with which the copies of Tokyo Revengers are selling out, this manga series can even pass out the line set by these latter manga titles.

Tokyo Revengers manga outsold One Piece and Attack on Titan
A still from the Tokyo Revengers (Takemichi Hanagaki )

Why Is Tokyo Revengers Manga So Popular?

Well, why is Tokyo Revengers becoming so popular among manga fans? This has to do with the fact that this book series has one of the most intriguing plots ever given out to us on a silver platter. The story throws light on Takemichi Hanagaki, who is 26. He has been living an idle life all this while and has no hopes from his mediocre style of doing things.

Hanagaki has no dreams, no aspirations, and life has just become some very tiring thing he has to carry out to survive. Until one day, the tables turn around, and he gets the purpose Hanagaki has longed for. Tokyo Manji Gang killed off his ex-girlfriend from middle school and her younger brother Naoto. Soon enough, someone from the gang has his name on their pointer, too, as he was being pushed in front of the train to be killed.

But instead of dying, he is transported back 12 years in 2005. Things start taking a bizarre turn in his life as he goes through the days of middle school once again and tells his girlfriend’s younger brother that he will die along with her elder sister. As soon as he does so, he gets transported back to the present age, where things are altered. As it so happens, Naoto is well and alive and is living his life as a detective.

When the two meet in the present, Takemichi tries explaining to Naoto about the glitch he has experienced, and the latter understands it with utmost patience. Together, they vow to protect Hinata, Hanagaki’s ex-girlfriend, from the Tokyo gang trying to kill people. There are many more revelations about time travel that you have to find out by reading the manga yourself.

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