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Backstage News on Santana Garrett – WWE Star

Even though it was devastating, we know that Santana Garett as well as Lana and Ruby Riott were recently released from their contract with WWE along with Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black as well ad Braun Stowman. Over the last few days, there have been talks about Santana Garett too being released from her contract of the WWE reasoning and their latest batch of releases. Given the fact that she has been backstage, we mostly expected her to be released from her contract soon enough. Sean Ross works for the Fightful Select and as he has said rightly, we kind of were never shocked when she was excited from WWE. We know that Santana was first called up from NXT back in 2020. Although, her career never progressed here. She was never provided with the roster spot on RAW or even SmakDown. She was called up for the main Roster but we all know how things turned out for her.

There is a variety of news about her, now that she has finally left WWE. It has been reported by Sapp that plenty of reports were made by the platform such as creative pitches, but they used none of them. Then later when we finally thought that Garett might actually have a blooming chance here when she came close in with a trio that includes Chelsea Green as well as Vanessa Borne. This trio created a lot of hype in the wrestling media with the fans dubbing it as Charlie’s Angels who have crossed over with Pussycat Dolls. Now, there were various recent reports regarding Santana as well as Green who were trying to take initiative with their career at WWE. Back in March of 2021, we saw that the duo decided to go to SmackDown in the hopes that they will be seen by the management that exists for the backstage players and ultimately, would have a chance to appear on the television.

We saw that both these women sent out tweets while standing in front of the SmackDown logo and we can not deny that there was a certain exciting buzz around this challenge in the event and a lot of fans were pretty excited to witness it. The WWE Universe was set on anticipation after this confirmation from Garett and Green and everyone thought that they are going to debut on the blue brand soon after this tweet. Although, things turned south when nothing like this happened in their career despite the hype that was created and everyone wishing to see them inside the rings. We can obviously see that WWE had been harming the progressive path of her career given that if her contract escalated to the main roster, she would be going on a noncomplete deal for 90 days. But if the same thing was for her at NXT, we could see her on the same deal but just for 30 days instead.

Backstage news on Santana Garrett

Santana Garett in a WWE fight

About Santana Garett

Santana Garett is an American professional wrestler as well as a model. While she was building her path to success, Garett has worked for a variety of independent promotions. Her ring name was Brittany while she signed a deal for Impact Wrestling. There is no denying the fact that Santana Garett has had a lot of accolades under her belt such as Shine Championship as well as Shine Tag Team Championship. This all comes along with the Wonder of Stardom Championship. This iconic woman has two sisters and five brothers and is a second-generation professional wrestler. While being in one of her many interviews, Garett talked about how her father used to wrestle on St. Louis as well as other territories and thus, imparted a lot of knowledge regarding the whole business. Santana says this was when she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a wrestler too. She used to live in Santana too but moved to Orlando located in Florida in order to work on her career as a wrestler. She has drawn major inspiration from the likes of Sable as well as Victori and Trish Stratus. Santana truly is an inspiration to all the women out there who want to take up wrestling as a career but are afraid to. She has been motivating all the people all along with her own success story.

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