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Mystic Pop Up Bar Episode 11: Streaming Details

Mystic Pop Up Bar

With a new week beginning, a new episode of Mystic Pop Up Bar will be released soon for the drama’s weekly broadcasts. As usual, new episodes are released every Wednesday and Thursday. So in today’s post, we will be looking at Mystic Pop Up Bar Episode 11 streaming details.

In the latest developments of the drama, we saw the appearance of a face from the past as it dredges up cruel memories for Guibanjang and Weol-ju.  Meanwhile, Kang-bae saves Yeo-rin from a hurtful situation.

This drama is adapted from a webtoon of the same name. It follows a story about Weol Joo, who, in the present, she already has over 500 years of existence, due to the fact she received harsh punishment for the unforgivable sins she committed during her youth. Ever since then, her soul and heart stood frozen in time, giving her, in the end, a cruel, hot-tempered personality, thus not letting anyone close enough to even chat casually.

Gwi, a former grim reaper has stood by her side throughout all of these years and at times seems to be at a loss for words when he realized that she has such a fiery attitude. But everything changed when Weol Joo got the chance to meet a young Han Kang who has a secret hidden with him.

Mystic Pop Up Bar

Mystic Pop Up Bar Episode 11 Streaming Details

Mystic Pop Up Bar episode 11 will be released on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 at 21:30 Korean Standard time. New episodes are broadcasted first on the local Korean Tv channel jTBC for all Korean viewers. For those who are watching the show from other countries or if you prefer to stream it online. Then you can use the official streaming details for Mystic Pop Up Bar below.

You will be able to watch Mystic Pop Up Bar Episode 11 online on Netflix. All episodes are available with English subtitles up until the latest broadcasted episodes. So to get the next episode as soon as it is released. You will have to wait about an hour after its local broadcast when it is uploaded on Netflix for all viewers.

With episode 11 of the show coming up, this means that the drama will be coming to an end when its episode 12 is released on Thursday. You would remember that this show is scheduled for its first season that will have a total of 12 episodes so the season finale will be up soon and then we will see how it will be wrapping up this story.