Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 update In India

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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 update In India

In this article, we are going to talk about the all-new season of Call Of Duty mobile. Unlike Players Unknown Battleground, the Call Of Duty Mobile does not have any fixed period for the release of the new season. The game developer does not tell any fixed date when the next season will be released. But in this article, you will get to know all the details based on some official as well as some fact-based rumours about our favourite COD game. 

If you don’t know what the Call Of Duty is all about let me make first give you a brief. Call of duty is a game that has emerged in the world of gamers long ago. But it was only available on computers and gaming consoles but our loving developers launched Call of Duty mobile. With great graphics, you can now enjoy this game on your mobile screen very easily. Our team personally recommend you to download this game if you haven’t downloaded it on your mobile phones yet.

The game is free and we have also found it ravishing and astonishing once you started playing this game. The game developers try to introduce some changes at a regular interval of time so that the players of this great game do not get bored. The game has already completed its eight seasons and fans as well as the developers are looking forward to the all-new season 9 of Call of Duty mobile. Earlier the new season 9 which is going to be released on August 6, 2020.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 update In India
Call Of Duty Season 9 Poster

However, the officials delayed the release and took a bit more time for the release of the all-new season. According to the news, the all-new season will be released only this week. You will able to assess the new season somewhere about 14th and 15th August.  A lot of players were very sad as Call of Duty does not release the season last week. But great things need time and this season will come with great things. This time the update will not be less. For instance, this time season 9 will come with all-new four locations in isolated Battle Royale map.

You can also see some changes in the BR intro. There will be a lot of customization options available to gamers. There will be a lot of changes such as weapon customization as they introducing the all-new concept called Gunsmith. You can check the trailer of the new season on the official handle of Call of Duty mobile on the official Twitter account of COD MOBILE. This season will change the gaming experience and take it to the whole new level with major updates.

Let me first tell you about what the world gunsmith means. The gunsmith will be a game-changing feature that will arrive in both multiplayer as well as in Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty mobile. All the game is available to customize their weapon from over 50 types of different attachments to their guns. The limits of the attachment will be kept to only 5. But still, it is a great option. You can check the video on the YouTube channel of the Call of Duty mobile about all new attachments.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 update In India
Call Of Duty Gameplay

If you haven’t downloaded the great game on your mobile phones yet. You will found this game very addictive and you will be involved in this game very soon by leaps and bounds with no time. From the last few seasons, we have observed that there is a new map and as I mentioned before that you will get for new maps in this season also. Creators don’t want to delay this anymore due to the huge response from the last season.

There are a massive number of followers and fans all around the globe of Call of Duty, especially for the mobile version. We have not finished yet with the updates. In addition to the new multiplayer map, there will be a custom type of gun skins. Also, there will be a new Class name called a hacker. Hacker will have to sort of components that are named as Ice Pick and Hard Wired. 

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