Moon Of Madness Will Be Releasing For PC This October And For Console In 2020

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Moon Of Madness update
Moon Of Madness (Credits: Funcom)

Moon of Madness is a Lovecraftian” and “cosmic” horror game which is created by Funcom and Rocket Pocket Games. It is coming for PC in this month which is 22 October. But the console user will have to wait for a while in order to play it as Moon of Madness will be arriving on PS4 and Xbox One 21 January. This news was announced with the trailer of the game which is something that you should check out.

Moon of Madness Story Details

This game will be taking place on Mars. The name of the protagonist is Shane Newhart, who is operating and maintaining a base and research facility. But Mars is quite different in this universe as there are big, scary tentacle monsters present there which Shane’s gotta deal. The theme of Lovecraftian comes into play when you assign a task which is to uncovering the deeper secrets hidden on the red planet.

Moon Of Madness (Credits: Funcom)

It looks like you will be solving puzzles, unvil mysterious and get chased around by horrific, bloodthirsty aliens. Moreover, according to the official discription, you will be faced with growing psychological issues. The official discription reads:

“With your only hope of rescue hundreds of thousands of miles away, you will be forced to explore the real-world fears of isolation and paranoia, enhanced with supernatural elements and cosmic horror. Terrifying visions and monstrous apparitions will make you question what is real and what is not as the very fabric of reality threatens to tear at the seams.”

Moon of Madness seems a very good horror game and it’s trailer was also amazing which peaked my interest. But we judge the book by its cover, we will have to wait to see how this game really is when it gets released. Hopefully, it will have a good horror game and the story too.

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