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Black Clover Episode 156 Updates, and Preview

Black Clover

The BB Magic Knights squad is ready for training in the Heart Kingdom and Finral realizes that he has sworn that he will be worthy of being the head of the House of Vaude and of Miss Finnes. If he doesn’t become stronger now it will all be a lie and Magna is going to. Noelle decided that she has to become strong to avenge her mother and defeat the devil Magicula. Fin opens the gate using his magic for them to head for their training. Asta can’t believe that they got so fast to the Heart Kingdom but his rival has been waiting for him.

Mimosa, Leopold, Charlotte, and Rill were waiting for the BB squad to show up. Charlotte thinks that Yami should have also come since they are training in another kingdom. Mimosa tells Asta that Yuno gave her a message for him and Asta asks what did he say. Mimosa reveals that he said he is going to become stronger with the Golden Dawn. Noelle asks what does that mean since he is training over there. Asta said he will get stronger no matter where he is and Asta promise that he won’t lose. Gaja shows up and welcomes them to the Heart Kingdom.

Black Clover Episode 156 Recap

Black Clover Episode 156 will be released on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. Note that the time is in Japanese standard time. For you to get the episode as soon as it is released you can change the time to your local time. Watch this Anime officially on  Crunchyroll. Let’s see what more Black Clover has to offer for us down here.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Episode 155

Gaja escorts them to Queen Loropechika who also welcomes them while patting Charmy who is sleeping on her lap. The Queen said that she should have been holding a welcoming party for them. Mimosa asks why Charmy is here since she wasn’t chosen. Charmy reply that where there are delicious noms she will be there and Loropechika is feeding her. Charlotte comments that this is the problem with the Black Bulls. Mimosa said Queen is okay with it and Leopold said there shouldn’t be a problem if she is allowing it.

Loropechika decides that they should get on to the details about their trainning. Gaja said the Spade Kingdom has already taken control of most of the bases in the Diamond Kingdom and their invasion has halted for time being. This means they are also targeting the Heart Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom at any time. The Magic Knights will be undergoing rigorous training to ensure rapid growth. Gaja then introduces the Spirit Guardians that will be monitoring them.

The spirit guardian of the Earth Sarado, of plant Potrof, of fire Floga, of wind Smurrik, and Gaja. He orders Mimmosa and Charlotte to train first with Sarado. Finral will learn from Smurik, Rill from Potrof, Leo and Magna will be under Floga’s care. Luck will be trained by Gaja and Asta asks about him and Noelle. Gaja reveals that they can’t make mana grow from anything since they don’t have mana.

Asta ask why did he come here and Gaja said Asta is one of the mages at the arcane stage who could possibly defeat the devil. He would like him to spar with him so that he can gauge his strength. The Queen will be training Nero and Udinbe will be training Noelle. The training begins and Yami is also training at the volcano mountains.

Black Clover Episode 156 Preview

For more updates for the upcoming episode, it will be available next week as soon as the new episode is released. For this week that’s what episode 156 has to offer for us. See you next Tuesday with a new episode and updates.