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Shameless Season 10 Episode 5: ‘Sparky’, Online Streaming, And Preview

The upcoming episode of Shameless Season 10 Episode 5, is titled ‘Sparky’. The plot deals with an unexpected visitor who shows up at the Gallagher house. Meanwhile, Lip struggles to give up control of Fred and Ian returns home and is immediately thrown in with a corrupt parole officer.

Here are a few essential details on Shameless Season 10 Episode 5:
Show: Shameless
Air date: 8 December 2019
Previous episode: A Little Gallagher Goes a Long Way
Next episode: Adios Gringos
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Airs on:
Showtime, US at 9:00 pm
Runtime: 60 min.
Status: Running
Created by: Paul Abbott

Boy oh boy! Episode 5 sure seems loaded, we will get to see Ian in an environment that he’s not been in before. By that, we mean the real world. Poor Ian is finally going to be out of prison. For once it would be amazing to see hi start things again with Mickey. Additionally, we see Lip waiting for Ian to complete his release. Meanwhile, Tami and Freddy will be together for the day. Ian on the other hand just wants to be with his family. He isn’t interested in any of the celebrations or anything.

Shameless Season 10 Episode 5: ‘Sparky’, out tonight.

Shameless airs on Showtime on Sunday, Dec 8 at 9 PM ET/PT. You can check additional details about the show on their website. The said episode is also available on demand. So in case you are looking to watch it early, you can do that too.

What do you think about Ian’s journey so far, let is know in the comment section down below! We for sure know that his journey has many miles to cover.