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Good Bye Dragon Life Chapter 30 Scans, and Spoilers

Good Bye Dragon Life Chapter 30 update, Where To Read and Spoilers

In this article, we will be talking about “Good-Bye Dragon Life” chapter 30 where you can read the latest chapters and later look on the spoilers of the upcoming chapters. In the latest chapter, Dran was having breakfast with Selia just when he realized that there is something that is after him ever since he left the Elf village. Later when he was having a conversation with Selia he noticed that even though after defeating the demons, the forest still hasn’t returned to normal as there are still a few beasts that come to the village.

Good Bye Dragon Life Summary

Good Bye Dragon Life is about the oldest and strongest dragon which grew tired of living. The dragon then decided its time to die when a group of dragon slayers came for his life. As the dragon’s soul was drifting towards the sea of souls, it was reborn into a human baby known as Dran. The dragon then decided to live his life as a human to the fullest, regaining his will to live as a result. The dragon revived into the child of a farmer who lives in the frontier. Even though the dragon is a human this time, he has a lot of power due to his dragon soul.

Good Bye Dragon Life Chapter 30 Spoilers

Dran later agreed to go hunting with Selia as he was still worried about the beasts in the forest. Later when Dran returned from hunting, his mother noticed that there is something bothering him. Dran the noticed there is something strange about the behaviour of the people around him. This was when his father talked about Varan’s accident which happened a while ago as if it happened on the same day and when his mother told him he was running late when he usually stays in the house at this time of the year. He then realised that something strange was happening as he went to talk to Selia about it. It would appear that Dran might be under some mind control spell as the reality he is living in now is twisted and he is the only one who has noticed so far.

Good Bye Dragon Life Chapter 30 update

“Good-Bye Dragon Life” Manga had no official release schedule. Most of its updates are usually affected by the websites that publish the digital copies and they slightly vary making it a little difficult to tell exactly when new chapters will be available. Hunter Fansub Scans releases new chapters as soon as they are done with the Scanlations. As Chapter 29 was released just yesterday and the one before that on the 9th. Then it is safe to assume that Chapter 30 will be released within a week, on the 21st of December 2019 should there be no further delays.

Where To Read Good Bye Dragon Life Chapter 30?

The manga is officially published by Hunter Fansub Scan group which is available in Discord, social media like Twitter and their blogs. Reading new chapters on these platforms helps the Manga creators and the scans translator. So we recommend you use these services as a show of your support.